TODAY   |  September 27, 2012

They’ve had 24 weddings in 24 places worldwide

World travelers Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling have had 24 marriage ceremonies, adopting the local attire and customs of many of the places they’ve visited from their home in London. They’ve exchanged vows on horseback in Canada and donned the full-body tattoos of a remote tribe in Panama – and in 2014, they plan to finally make their marriage official.

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>>> is enough work as it is. so imagine doing it over and over again in dozens of ceremonies. well, that's what one couple is doing as they travel the world. and we're going to meet them in a moment. but first, nbc's kristen dahlgren has their story.

>> reporter: while most people dream of an endless honeymoon, lisa and alex may have figured out the secret. hey baby i think i want to marry you

>> getting married over and over and over.

>> hopeless romantic.

>> yeah.

>> reporter: 24 times and counting. it started as a lark.

>> we always blame it on the wine.

>> reporter: a plan to travel around the world.

>> we said how about we look for a place to get married. marry me

>> reporter: but they couldn't narrow it down, so after alex surprised her with a ceremony at home in england.

>> i laughed and punched him.

>> reporter: the couple took off to canada where they were married on horseback, on a beach, even the vancouver airport . they bought a 25-year-old camper they call peggy. can and headed south. peggy took part in a drive-thru wedding in vegas. and added to the adventure in central america .

>> so we've broken down again.

>> reporter: they've tangoed in argentina, waded with dolphins in hawaii, and took the plunge in mexico. lisa often wears the same dress, but they also adopt the local dress and customs. riding a donkey in colombia, or wearing the tattoos of a tribe in africa. megan findlay helped dress them in vampire costumes on halloween in l.a.

>> they're so incredibly in love and vibrant and fun and you want to participate and help out because you want to be a part of something beautiful.

>> you must kiss the bride .

>> reporter: it's the response they've gotten around the world from complete strangers who have donated photography, food, or performed the ceremonies.

>> the places are brilliant, don't get me wrong, but it's the people that we meet and we've become such close friends .

>> it has definitely been quite an adventure, but what might surprise you most about lisa and alex is after all these weddings, they're not legally married yet.

>> the idea is that after all these weddings, we choose our favorite place and go back.

>> reporter: but that won't happen until 2014 . they have a lot more weddings ahead. and every single one still makes lisa tremble.

>> still nervous.

>> we're publicly declaring to each other that we're going to be together forever. just say i do

>> reporter: the journey of a lifetime just getting started. for "today," nbc news, los angeles .

>> and lisa and alex join us now. good morning to you.

>> hi.

>> i guess everybody's got to have a hobby. so obviously you're well matched, you love to travel, you're adventurers. why is getting married an essential part of that?

>> we don't need to get married, we wanted to do the trip anyway. and we thought instead of seeing all the churches and all the museums and things like that, we would do something unusual. and basically started off looking somewhere to get married. one night we had too many glasses of wine and out of nowhere came the idea to have a small ceremony in each place we visit in line with the local culture and tradition. it's been a perfect way to meet people, local people, not just of the travelers. but, you know, people that are from the countries we're visiting and it's been an amazing experience so far.

>> here's a question i don't ask every day. is the 24th wedding as special as the first?

>> yes. definitely. every time we get nervous and get the sweaty palms. and it's the anticipation of the whole thing, the build-up to the day. we've planned it all, meeting new friends. it definitely is.

>> always feels new because it's a new place, new people, new tradition.

>> it's so neat, you had so many wonderful experiences. i know everybody at home is thinking, let's talk logistics. how do you pull this off? first of all, this looks great, weddings are expensive.

>> it's not about the money. it's about people giving their time. we borrow outfits and we just ask to go to locations for short amounts of time. and it's just about people getting involved, it's not about the money.

>> no, i think one of our favorite cost $8. it doesn't cost anything, great people coming together and making something special. but the logistics is crazy.

>> you know, e-mail photographers mainly and say this is what we're doing, do you want to be involved?

>> do you do the same vows every time? do you switch it up?

>> we take the information from the, you know, from the local people.

>> are you ever like, hey, alex , you can work on those vows. there's room for improvement .

>> it's not so bad. i think we've only written our vows to each other maybe once or twice. other times it's people holding the ceremony and asking us questions and talking.

>> what do you parents think? aren't they like, when are these crazy kids going to get married. not have a wedding, get married.

>> when we started off, we accidentally got married before they got there, so we're holding off.

>> you'll be pros by the time this is all said and done. and we should mention that they're using their story to raise money for unicef. coming up next, a