TODAY   |  September 27, 2012

PSY goes home, gets ‘Gangnam-Style’ welcome

PSY, the South Korean pop singer whose “Gangnam Style” viral video sensation made him an international star, returns to his home country, where crowds are going wild. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>> came back a superstar. now you can look for yourself.

>> so many people are here. i've never seen that before.

>> reporter: little wonder that a packed press conference, psy seemed overwhelmed. he said he felt like he was dreaming.

>> i met the "today" show and i met the iheart. they were nice to me. i think so. even if they don't know what the lyric is about.

>> reporter: the song has been seen as a parody of the seoul neighborhood where psy was born and home by one estimate to 7% of south korea 's wealth. the area's resented by many koreans, but many others aspire to be part of it. psy makes it all look shallow and self-important. though returning home, he's careful not to ruffle any feathers.

>> you know it's funny song, right? so it doesn't have any critic or philosophy or whatever.

>> reporter: it is also home to much of the entertainment industry which had regarded psy as a rather quirky performer, and at 34, a bit old by korean standards.

>> comic dance.

>> reporter: they are littered with talent agencies and k-pop wanna bes. thinker perhaps a bit envious of a man who they tell you can't dance that well. but they concede that psy does make people happy. and there can be no arguing with that. nor the fact that across the globe gangnam style has promoted level-headed people to break into dancing. and its appeal seems to have few boundaries.

>> and, of course, we're looking forward to having psy back on the plaza at his earliest convenience.