TODAY   |  September 26, 2012

8 men’s beauty products women will love

Elaine D’Farley from Self magazine shows off a collection of men’s personal hygiene products that many women may want to use, including a moisturizing body bar, cooling eye gel, and colognes.

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>>> morning on "today's beauty," what to borrow from the boys. most guys don't like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, so their beauty products need to be quick and effective and some can be beneficial to woman as well. elaine is the beauty director at "self" magazine. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> time to raid our guy's medicine cabinet, huh?

>> these are great things that you can buy for your guy and then use for yourself.

>> good. a gift to yourself. got it.

>> exactly.

>> the first thing is a wounds cleanser.

>> called mr. fix it, an anti-microbial wound rescue balm. fantastic. put it on a little cut i got with my blender and helps to fight against staph infections , bacterias, so it keeps you clean and keeps your wounds healing faster.

>> does it sting?

>> does not sting.

>> okay, good. is this for runers?

>> a great product for runner, dry run foot cream and extracts from volcano which helps absorb moisture.

>> volcano?

>> okay.

>> volcanic extract so that helps to prevent friction, you know, in your shoes, so it helps --

>> keep them dry. a lot of runners have their toenails fall off. supposed to help with that.

>> won't help your toenails as much. it will help the chafing.

>> i know from personal experience but that's another experien experience. lush dirty spring wash, what's that?

>> it's a shampoo and body wash. it's a menthol and spearmint combination, a great scent, very uplifting.

>> not too manly.

>> and i think it's a great thing to have in your gym bag , after a spin class, trying to cool off and put your clothes back on, great product.

>> okay. a lot of people around here were loving this woody's, some kind of three in one bar.

>> fantastic three in one bar. a shaving cream , a shampoo and body wash so it's a great thing to travel with so you can go on board with that.

>> it lathers up sufficiently like a shaving cream .

>> yes.

>> got to do the smell test.

>> delicious. not too girly or too boyy, perfect.

>> what's this stuff?

>> it's a cool fix balm and also a cleanser, and this helps to prevent in-grown hairs. this is a fantastic combination of products. you can use one or both to fix in-grown hairs, so like under your arms, bikini line .

>> men are supposed to use it after shaving.

>> okay.

>> but you can use it on other parts of your body?

>> places you might be shaving.

>> exactly.

>> all right. what do we have here?

>> from clinique, an eye balm designed for anti-fatigue. all need, that need it for undereye puffiness, and our blogger said it's great for hangover.

>> men and women get those equally.

>> a good fixer.

>> there are women products that do the same thing.

>> yes.

>> are they essentially the same or something about this that makes it better?

>> this will have like maybe a little less fragrance which is nice if you're not into fragrance, and it goes on and it's, you know, great, yeah.

>> old spice. we knew this was come. like the smell of old spice but do women want to smell like old spice?

>> that fragrance is so individual and subjective. go for what you like.

>> yeah.

>> but our blogger loved this fragrance because it's -- it's super fresh and clean.

>> oh, it is nice.

>> and, again, i think it's one of those great gym bag things.

>> yeah. is it stronger?

>> a little bit stronger.

>> what was the old commercial, made for a woman but strong enough for a man, made for a man but strong enough for a woman.

>> all amazing fragrances we had women test in a blind sniff test and tell us what they liked for themselves and for their guy. this one from prado one. a really classic light scent.

>> can i try it.

>> it's glued on.

>> and then one from nautica and one from lacoste and one from soul to soul .

>> this is nice.

>> banana republic has an amazing one called wild blue , and it's super fresh .

>> some of these men's fragrances would probably smell a little differently on woman.

>> all fragrances smell differently on everybody, it's all about your phemones and how they combine.

>> you have to try and see what you like. your guy can wear it and he'll smell one way and you'll wear it and smell another way but you'll be matching.

>> elaine, great ideas. i like it.

>> thank you.