TODAY   |  September 25, 2012

A new BOGO? Retailers’ new trend for a cause

Chef and author Kathleen Daelmans explains a popular new trend among retail stores called “buy one, give one,” in which customers buy an item, and retailers donate one to charity.

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>>> you see the signs in the stores offering buy one get one free deals, but merchants are taking it a step further.

>> they sure are. they rolling out a new kind of bogo deal, buy one, get one. we have some ideas how your purchases could provide for somebody else other than just yourself. there's a concept, love your neighbor as you love yourself, kathleen.

>> buy one, give one. it's one of the hottest trends right now, but it's really important that you seek out vetted companies, companies that are doing what they say that they are doing. today we have a lot of products and great companies all giving back to really worthy causes.

>> who do you have today?

>> these are aviator, hot, kind of wayfair trendy.

>> they are cute.

>> for every pair they sell, they give away to two people life-changing surgeries to the blind, also glasses to people in need .

>> that's awesome.

>> and everybody on the table, 25% off and free shipping. they have different deals, but different ones are that.

>> online?

>> absolutely. regular places are like 65 right now. lstn, is the website. these are made of wood, they are fabulous. instruments are made of wood. these guys have mobile units that go out and fit children in need with hearing aids on the spot.

>> that's great.

>> what a great idea for holiday shopping ahead of time too.

>> if you're not, you know, able to purchase right now, you're still really struggling, if you goo to, they are launching a one member one meal. they are going to give away, i think, 1 million meals over the next 12 months.

>> what an amazing company.

>> this is happy everything, a 7-year-old boy had a sibling that was sick and wanted to make the other kids in the hospital happy, so he came up with this idea and it turned into a company for his parents. they have beautiful onesie.

>> darling.

>> roma boots started by a man living in a tiny village in roman romania, somebody gave him a pair of boots, changed his life, these are buy one give one rain boats. these are 25% off and free shipping.

>> how much do these run if you are going to buy one?

>> $50, $60. every deal is on the website.

>> every time you put them on, you're reminded somebody else is being helped. it's awesome.

>> they are doing what they say they are doing. then we have bogo dog food . buy one for the dog you love and they give away a bag to a dog in need. they are working with charities across the country, which is really important. then we have izod. these guys, this is their movement, izod apparel, and they have outlets in jc pennies right now, they are launching 600 outlets. they give away mammograms.

>> that's terrific.

>> love it.

>> kathleen, you're awesome. we don't care what anyone says, you're a wonderful, wonderful woman. great