TODAY   |  September 25, 2012

Ohio University’s marching band goes ‘Gangnam’

Members of the Ohio University marching band dropped their instruments at a recent game so they could do their best “horse dance,” moves inspired by Korean singer Psy's mega-viral YouTube video that shows off his “Gangnam style.”

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>>> what better way to show a little school spirit than to boogie down "gangnam style." the ohio state marching band did their horse dance inspired by psy's mega hit and youtube video . ohio university , of course, matt's alma mater so he'll take all the credit for that performance.

>> marching 110, most entertaining band in the land, natalie.

>> they should be here in the plaza and you do a little "gangnam style."

>> call them in. call them in.

>> all right. let's do this.

>> i'll do it.

>> all right.

>> you heard it.