TODAY   |  September 21, 2012

TODAY anchors show their driver’s license photos

The state of New Jersey says that smiling for your driver’s photo could interfere with new face recognition software. The TODAY anchors, along with msnbc’s Willie Geist, show reveal what their own driver’s license photos look like.

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>>> time now for today's "take 3" where the three of us, al, natalie and i give our take on the stories that catch our attention and yours and offering his two cents of the day, willie geist .

>> hoping were you going to come around and touch my head so i can do the weather.

>> does it work?

>> we'll let that be. like a sitting in a ray moore and flanagan living room.

>> you can join us any time.

>> what are we talking about?

>> talking about first, i'm a jersey girl , and you may have heard there's new rule in new jersey coming to get your driver's license, can't smile anymore.

>> kind of like the passport.

>> like they are legislating an ugly photo.

>> well, i think they say because it kint fear with the new facial recognition software. they are a picture of my driver's license. all smiles after waiting four hours to take written test which i barely passed, and, of course --

>> enough about you.

>> i was smiling.

>> you look cute in that photo.

>> i'll have to change that.

>> and there's al's smile.

>> you're smiling, too.

>> that was right as i got arrested.

>> what, me worried?

>> what about you, will?

>> a tough guy look right there.

>> wow.

>> they never tell you quite when they are snapping it. you're standing there and all of a sudden it's over.

>> like a prep school guy gone bad.

>> do the prep school thing.

>> this is savannah.

>> what the heck, who is that?

>> that picture is from -- it's from the -- well --

>> from a video game.

>> it's from the '90s, look at the expiration on my arizona driver's license. can you do a close-up. it's 2036 .

>> that's what you're supposed to look like then.

>> they don't care. they don't want to see you until you're 65.

>> wow.

>> way to go, arizona .

>> arizona , that is a great state. come to the dmv once in your life.

>> perfect.

>> savannah guthrie , the gothic years.

>> kind of hideous.

>> next the iphone 5, natalie and i were talking about it this morning. i think there's a gender divide. all the guys in my life are getting it today.

>> okay. how many are there?

>> well, like you, you. i was thinking of you.

>> i'm not getting in line. i'll wait for things to calm down.

>> but you've order it had.

>> yeah.

>> exactly.

>> willie doesn't even have an iphone yet.

>> i have problem with the typing, and i know people have said you'll work through it.

>> i do, too.

>> i may cave on this one and go get one but i won't wait in line.

>> matt's getting his today. getting an iphone 5.

>> it is a strange, like an adult cabbage patch kids phenomenon, have to have it right now. 40 years old. settle down.

>> i'm going to way. my iphone is even cracked, and i'm like, maybe i should go get one.

>> sure.

>> eventually.

>> i'll work until they work out that map kink.

>> the map kink.

>> come back to us, exactly.

>> emmy awards this week.

>> yeah.

>> excited about this.

>> this is pretty exciting.

>> 15th annual.

>> all have different predictions.

>> savannah and i watch the same shows. soul sisters .

>> in television watching.

>> i hooked you on "downtown abb abby ".

>> "uptown abby " where things get bad. have an accent but it ain't english.

>> this is a little different.

>> our predictions.

>> my pick, i've got for comedy series , "modern family," lead actor in a drama series jon hamm , lead actor in a comedy series .

>> never won, jon hamm .

>> and drama, i'm going for "downton abby ."

>> i'm also going with that for the drama series . i think i picked for the lead actor , going with hugh bonville, though a lot of people aren't giving it to him, but i love that show, and then for -- well, what else, savannah?

>> "downton abbey." i like michelle dockery in "mad men." i love claire danes .

>> aren't they in the same category?

>> i think claire danes .

>> shouldn't you choose one.

>> picked three out of the five. so i'm going to win probably one way or the other.

>> you can't pick three out of five.

>> you said who do you like? i love them all. everyone gets a trophy.

>> full disclosure, i haven't seen a lot of shows, but i do watch a lot of "mad men."

>> you go to bed at 7:00.

>> " breaking bad " is a great show.

>> a comedy series .

>> i'm a sucker for larry david . i don't think he'll win, but i hope he will.

>> he'll get nominated for his role as sister mary mangele in "three stooges."

>> and i have to give it to amy poehler .

>> voted for her in "parks and rec."

>> tina fey .

>> if she wins, fifth time.

>> tough competition in the female category i think.

>> our next topic is melting.

>> let's get right to it.

>> different kinds of ice cream .

>> what are these crazy flavors?

>> mr. softy, wow. i've got to get outside. hold on.

>> so these are limited editions only, right?

>> what do we have here.

>> ben & jerry 's cannoli ice cream which has the cream filling.

>> okay.

>> let's try it.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> don't you love your job?

>> just to eat ice cream .

>> especially when it drips all over you.

>> what's this orange one?

>> that's pumpkin.

>> oh, your favorite.

>> pumpkin.

>> get in there.

>> i'm going to kill you.

>> thas that is really good. the can a knolly is good.

>> we have carrot cake .

>> i love cared cake.

>> with blue bunny .

>> cream cheese frosting swirled in.

>> this whoopee pie, is where it's the.

>> i thought this was whoopi goldberg .

>> whoopie pie .

>> isn't that your honey boo boo number?

>> sugar goober.

>> what's the verdict, what do we like?

>> i like the whoopie.

>> the whoopie pie wins.

>> don't do this on " morning joe ."

>> no budget for ice cream .

>> we actually do get dressed for work on our show.

>> oh, come on.

>> al.