TODAY   |  September 20, 2012

Zap the fat without invasive surgery

Want to shed a little fat and rejuvenate your face? Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, explains how to do it without going under the knife.

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>>> this morning on "today's" beauty cosmetic procedures without going under the knife. the american academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery reports that 75% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year were non-invasive. and here with the scoop is the associate professor of dermatology at mt. sinai hospital . good morning. good to have you here. these procedures do not require surgery, they may require a little bit of recovery time, though, right?

>> recovery time is really the key to figuring out what works for you and your lifestyle. you need to know what the side effects are, know what you're getting yourself in to. look at the pictures. because often the more down time associated with the procedure, the more dramatic the results.

>> okay. also know the costs, obviously. let's start first with procedure to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and bright spots. three light-based procedures that can be done separately or together, as well. the first one being the photo dynamic therapy or pdt. what is that?

>> pdt is actually a great procedure because it combines both cosmetic and medical treatments in one. it is a light-based therapy that we apply chemical on to the skin and then you sit behind a light for a short amount of time and the chemical gets absorbed by damaged cells, sun damaged, precancerous cells as well as pigmentation. and it leaves you with a fresh new look that looks fantastic. gets rid of cosmetic issues, as well.

>> there'll be some peeling then?

>> peeling, redness, inflammation, but the results are really quite dramatic.

>> what about the next treatment?

>> it's actually a laser light procedure and there are two lasers that are combined in one. one that's aimed at rejuvenating the skin, the other that's gettingkn+ rid of pigmentation. the combination of the two gives a brand new resurfaced texture to the face with less precancerous skin cells, as well, less brown spots and less fine lines.

>> i.t.l., intense pulse light, what does this do?

>> it's geared toward getting rid of pigmentation, redness, sun damage. it's a quick procedure, no down time, very little peeling. and you need to do multiple procedures in order to get the results.

>> okay. moving on now, filler injections. and i guess fillers aren't anything really new. but i guess filler into the ears. this is a new area where a lot of doctors are putting it into. what does it do?

>> there's lots of new areas. and ear lobes are a great place to inject because what happens is over time the ear lobe starts to sag, the whole gets larger and we used to do surgery. now with a few little injections of juvederm, you can make the hole smaller and make your earrings look better and lay more evenly. it's great.

>> that's fantastic.

>>> and next, volumizers, and how does the volumizer differ from a filler?

>> so they are really the liquid facelift. they're an incredible addition to our ability to make people look younger. collagen opposed to creating an area where the skin is just lifted where you put the product. and what they do is get rid of hallows and cause lifting. they're really the scaffolding, sculpture is the scaffolding to the face when you inject it.

>> and you're injecting now in the temples, i understand?

>> what happens is as we age, we start to hollow. the cheekbones hollow and your bones begin to recede and the injections of these volumizers can actually lift these areas up and recreate the frame that you've lost over time . so it's really quite a dramatic result.

>> all right. well, unfortunately we didn't have time to get to some of the others, but we'll have them on our website, thank you so much. thank you.

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