TODAY   |  September 18, 2012

Wait – you can fit a car in your garage?

Cleaning out your garage can feel like a job too tough to tackle, but home-improvement specialist George Oliphant, host of “George to the Rescue,” shows you how to utilize vertical space and make room for the things that matter most – like your car.

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>>> installment of getting organized.

>> you know where your car is supposed to be. here to get you in gear is the host of george to the rescue.

>> i'm here.

>> you've probably seen the worst garage disaster imaginable, i imagine?

>> yes, it's imaginable i have seen awful garages. very unorganized, cluttered. you name it, i've seen it.

>> bikes and cars and tools and all kinds of junk.

>> it's not just the stuff you use on a daily basis or a weekly basis, it's also this stuff that you use seasonally. your fall jackets, your christmas decorations , what have you. then it's the stump -- your dumping ground stuff. your kids are in high school but you have car seats. they might have grandkids someday. get rid of that stuff. the bike with training wheels .

>> you're revved up.

>> you're on fire.

>> a lot of coffee in the green room .

>> tell us about the hoisted bicycle.

>> first thing get everything off the ground. this one obviously is put up to some stage grid, but you literally pull on the pulley, and you can look at more and get it up to level. getting the bike off the ground, because the most important thing is to keep your garage floor clutter free because you want to make sure there's nowhere for pests to nest. they get behind the boxes, the spare tires, nothing you want to deal with.

>> things you can trip over.

>> exactly. keeps it clean and if there's ever any water, you want to make sure it doesn't get into boxes and everything on the ground.

>> you say get everything out of the garage and start to sort throughout them.

>> three piles. this is what i use all the time. this is my lawn mower and weed whacker and what i use. then the stuff you use for -- everyone is laughing.

>> weed whacker .

>> weed whacker .

>> we like to see it.

>> obviously, the seasonal stuff. everything here came from on rack, and you want to have cabinetry.

>> oh, my god.

>> nobody lives in this house.

>> it's so neat.

>> you keep all of your stuff that you don't want your kids getting into, your cleaning supplies, keep them hidden ngsd cabinets. a great system is this grid system , this rack system. the nice thing is you can move these little hooks however you want. stuff your kids get into. their helmets and gloves and stuff is right there and accessible.

>> teach them to throw it there.

>> just leave it there.

>> they're never looking for something, hoda.

>> everything is in its place, and you're good to go.

>> obviously, the stuff you don't want to get into --

>> what's going on here. we have 30 seconds.

>> 30 seconds i can do this. it's nice to have a moving rack and big storage rack. i'm a muj advocate and it takes a step out of the equation. christmas decorations and balls. you