TODAY   |  September 18, 2012

John Cho: Matthew Perry is my comedy hero

Actor John Cho, who came to fame in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” speaks with TODAY’s Natalie Morales, Al Roker and guest Terry Crews about his role on the new NBC comedy “Go On” starring Matthew Perry.

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>> no, it's great. i've stolen so much from him over the years that sometimes i feel like i'm doing him to him on the set.

>> wow.

>> got to be a little freaky.

>> a little fun. it's a little weird, a little weird.

>> like a bromance that you have.

>> his, yeah. my character steven is a very caring fellow and he's his best friend and boss, and he mandates that he has to go to grief therapy to deal with his wife's passing. and natural ly hilarity ensues.

>> there's the pathos of this man losing the love of his life and dealing with it and finding the comedy in it.

>> i feel that's the beauty of it. funny comes from real circumstances, and, you know, most people deal with grief in awkward ways, and that can be funny. at least sitting on your couch watchi watching.

>> laugh all the time.

>> the sad thing is --

>> scary.

>> tyler james on the show.

>> you guys have like six degrees here.

>> it's weird and we have the same build.

>> can you do that too, john.

>> move down. it's unbelievable.

>> he can pop a peck.

>> pop your peck like tery.

>> " star trek 2 " coming soon.

>> yes, i believe next year.

>> the plot involves snakes.

>> on a plen.

>> another movie.

>> another movie.

>> blows up at the end, big explosion.

>> different movie, different movie.

>> al.

>> oh, go on.

>> that's funny.

>> so what he did america.

>> he's funny, and can you catch him on "go on" tonight at 9:00, al central right here on nbc.