TODAY   |  September 18, 2012

Bieber’s mom: I was ‘full of shame’ over sex abuse

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mom, faced years of hardships, including sex abuse and drug use, before giving birth to the pop superstar when she was only 18. She tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford she faced years of shame before overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles.

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>>> back now at 8:0 the 9 with our exclusive interview with justin bieber 's mom pattie mallet. by the time she gave birth to justin at 18 years old she already survived many challenges, and now she's sharing her story in a new book and sat down with kathie lee . kathie lee , good morning to you.

>> good morning, yes. before you can appreciate the journey that justin bieber took to get to where he is today, it's very important to look at the journey his mother pattie has been on. i recently spent time with them in los angeles to talk about pattie 's new book "nowhere but up, the story of justin bieber 's mom." want to show you all the --

>> pattie mallet is watching her son at work. most babies, fly a little bit go to college, fly a little bit, get a job. yours is one of the biggest pop stars ever. 48 million million facebook fans, a new world tour and he's only 18.

>> when you think about the fact that just season now the exact same age that you were when you had him, does that blow your mind ?

>> it does. i mean, i can't picture him raising a child right now.

>> please, god.

>> he is a child.

>> but you were, too.

>> i didn't feel like i was, but seeing him i -- i clearly was, but, yeah, i -- had to grow up pretty fast.

>> by the time pattie mallette gave birth to justin , she had lived a very difficult life. pattie says her troubles date back to her childhood. as early as age 4, pattie says she was sexually abused .

>> so many young people that are abused sexually, it just becomes something that they are familiar with and something that they are almost attracted to because their purity is taken at such a young age.

>> pattie 's life, it turns out, would become even more difficult. by the time she was 14, she says she was into drugs and alcohol. by 15 she says she lost her virginity, by 17 pattie had reached her breaking point.

>> i was full of shame. i've learned it's normal and natural for anybody who has been through sexual abuse to carry that shame and blame and feel like there's something wrong with you, so i definitely carried that.

>> you carried that to the extent that you hurled yourself into an oncoming truck to kill yourself .

>> it was a combination of -- built up over the years of the abuse and the pain and, you know, at the time i was messed up with all the drugs and the alcohol, i was in a depression.

>> during that time pattie says with the help of a friend she found god and after leaving the hospital felt like a new person, at least for six months.

>> and then --

>> and then i started hanging out with some of my old friends and doing the old stuff, you know. next thing you know it i'm pregnant.

>> jeremy bieber and pattie mallette had had an on again, off again relationship.

>> both of us came from broken homes so we just did the best that we could with our relationship, but it was definitely very rocky.

>> you couldn't believe it, you said, when the doctor said that you were pregnant.

>> no.

>> you made the nurse give you a second test.

>> i did. i didn't believe it.

>> and a lot of people encouraged you to abort baby.

>> i just knew i couldn't. i just knew i couldn't. i knew i had to keep him.

>> on march 1st , 1994 , pattie gave birth to a 7 pound, 14 ounce baby boy and while she called the baby jesse throughout the pregnancy, once he was born she named him justin .

>> tell us what it was like when you first heard justin cry.

>> oh, i know this sounds crazy but it sounded like he was singing. he did.

>> what was it? was it my music? what was he singing?

>> a-ha, a-ha, so precious and amazing. i just wanted to squeeze him.

>> what happened when jeremy came to see him?

>> jeremy couldn't stop staring at him. he would stare hours and hours and fell in love right away.

>> they never married and ended their relationship for good but pattie says jeremy is a different person today.

>> we're friends. we get along, and i love the dad that he is to justin today.

>> young justin showed his musical talents at an early age and before long was performing on the streets of his native canada and when he was 12 he entered a local singing competitioncalitied stratford and pretty soon pattie started posting pictures on youtube .

>> and that's where it all began.

>> scooter braun had seen the videos on youtube and was relentless trying to get in touch with pattie . even though when he did though, pattie was still hesitant

>> you hear all these horror stories in the industry and the teenagers and how crazy they can go. i just had to come to terms with the fact whether he's in high school or at home or the industry there's the same fears. i know who is around him and i know who his security guards are and i know who his manage hadn't are. i know that everybody is very protective of him and very careful.

>> as busy and demanding as his schedule may be, justin still finds time for his mom. he even contributed to her new memoir.

>> you wrote the forward for her book.

>> yes.

>> saying she's the strongest woman you have ever known.

>> what else is she?

>> she's been a friend, someone i can talk to and a good role model, and i want to grow up and have just a heart that my mom has because she has such a big heart.

>> it seems justin also has a big heart. for pattie 's birthday this year, just be wrote his mom a song and later released it for mother's day. can you sing like one little line of it for us when you're lost and you're tired when you're broken in two let my love take you higher and i still turn to you

>> beautiful.

>> thank you, sweetiey.

>> pattie has a lot to be proud of and so does justin . he says he thinks his mom's book will change thousands of lives.

>> do you hear that?

>> they have a very sweet relationship.

>> he's a momma's boy.

>> he is.

>> can you imagine if his name is jesse bieber , would he be as successful as jesse bieber ?

>> i think so.

>> once youtube videos hit he would be pretty successful, no matter what.

>> hoyy bieber .

>> thank you. it was a pleasure.

>> a lot more with pattie mallette tomorrow. live on today so we'll catch to catch up with her and meet her in person.

>> you'll like her a lot.