TODAY   |  September 17, 2012

Kathie Lee and Hoda are ‘a religion’ at Syracuse

TODAY’s Sara Haines visits Syracuse University to find out why the student body thinks they deserve to win “Kathie Lee and Hoda’s College Challenge,” and discovers that the campus has plenty of orange attire they’re willing to loan the Fourth Hour hosts.

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>>> we've narrowed down the competent to six universities that have showed us the most spirit. syracuse, ohio state university , the university of tennessee , university of south florida tampa, brandeis, and creighton university . hoda and i will be dropping by one of those schools in october. you have to vote for your favorite. right now sarah is up at syracuse university home to some 15,000 orange undergrads. that's a lot of orange .

>> and they might all be here right now because this crowd is a kathie lee and hoda fan fest. and you better invest in orange clothes fast. and these are actually two of the girls who were tweeting from gamma phi beta .

>> we love them every morning. it's just like a religion. and this is just the reason that we thought you should come to syracuse. you look great in orange .

>> they did say it was hard to find the orange outfits, so you need more. tell us why they should come here.

>> if you get here in the next week, you can beat the snow. but it's great weather. we love it.

>> people may loan you their clothes for the wardrobe change.

>> this is orange man. i'm the orange trooper.

>> agent orange .

>> why did you think that kathie lee and hoda should come visit you?

>> i think this speaks for itself. if they come, i may be nice enough to let them wear a helmet, which is a big honor.

>> hoda is really careful about her hair, so helmet references are not funny. yeah, careful. why do you think they should come here?

>> she referenced the weather. you come here beginning of september, beginning of february, you'll get the same turnout, maybe even more. we're dedicated all year