TODAY   |  September 17, 2012

6 surprising, easy ways to make extra cash

Personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi explains how you can you make extra money by renting your driveway, renting your car and sharing your opinion with focus groups around your city.

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>>> this morning on requested toys's money," some strange and new ways to make some extra money. all you need is the internet. thank you so much for joining us.

>> good morning.

>> i want to start off with the first off, the concerns. a lot of options out there, but a lot of scams as well.

>> right.

>> you need to be careful, so a checklist of what to do before you sign on to any gig that's offered online. you want to do a background check . go online and type in the company's name as well as the word scam and see what pops up. also check with your local better business bureau at to see if there's any filed complaints. verify the contact information on their websites. do they even have a telephone number , call it and see if it works. red flags , do not give any personal identifying information over the net.

>> social security , they don't need that.

>> and by the way, this may sound crazy to say, but some companies will ask you money to reserve a gig, stay away from these companies.

>> yeah. stay away from anyone asking for money if they are supposed to be paying you. let's get to the list of what we call strange but legitimate and easy things to do to make some cash. first up,

>> a number of companies, offering jobs, jobs for $5 a pop. pfeifffiv is the site. solving rubics cubes, i spoke with a guy making up to $2,000 a month doing alec baldwin impersonations over the phone. calls up and wishes your friend happy birthday, similar sites to fiver include and gigme, and givemefive.

>> pretty impressive. a lot of people recycle soda cans, a few bucks here and there. you have a few ideas on recycling to put more money.

>> the big money is with appliances or old cars or steel shelving.

>> okay.

>> you can get up to $2 a pound, depending on the type of scrap we're talking about. go to a site called to find quotes, you know, for what your different scrap could earn. i think copper is probably the most lucrative, and also for a local recycling center in your area.

>> pretty cool. and people are making cash by renting their own cars. is that even safe?

>> it is safe.

>> there are a number of legitimate websites we found called insurance is included. about $1 million. how it works you've got a car, only drive our cars about two hours a day and costs $700 a month on average to keep that car running are, so a lot of people are renting out their cars by the hour, by the day, by the week and making back some of that money on the average car owner makes $250 a month.

>> so it's like your own personal zip car business that you're running.

>> exactly.

>> pretty cool.

>> people are renting out their driveways. that makes out a lot of sense if you're not using it.

>> a spare space in your garage, elbow room on your driveway, live near a stadium or beach, you're in business. i mean, people need parking these days, and parking is tight. can you make anywhere from $10 a day to $300 a month. new york, boston, san francisco , these areas are the most lucrative.

>> that is good, especially to your point if you live near a baseball park . i think about even wrigley field . people rent out their roof tops.

>> go to to list your space.

>> love that one and last by not least, sharing your opinions could get you cash.

>> a lot of market research firms will pay us to give feedback on upcoming products and services go to 25 to 40 listings per day. monday today, often the busiest day for listings. they have already vetted these companies to make sure that they are legitimate and are safe, but you can do some focus groups over the phone. don't even have to leave your house. go on that site and see if you can make some fun.

>> love that list. unique ways to make some extra cash, especially with the holidays right