TODAY   |  September 16, 2012

First co-anchor: Weekend TODAY was an experiment

Boyd Matson, the first anchor of TODAY's Sunday broadcast, tells TODAY's Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe that executives initially decided to create "a separation" between the weekday and weekend programs.

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>>> for nbc news this is " weekend today ." ".

>> i'm maria shriver .

>> welcome to the first edition of "sunday today. ".

>> this morning we celebrate a milestone, 25 years of bringing you the stories that matter from trips around the world.

>> once again we're on the road this morning in jerusalem.

>> and freedom fighters becoming icons --

>> a salute from mr. nelson mandela .

>> to the trial of the century --

>> what was the first thought that went through your mind when you heard the not guilty verdict?

>> as well as the international cu custody dispute.

>> the 6-year-old brought out of the home.

>> there's been indescribable human tragedy.

>> we have been reporting on the horror of the new orleans convention center .

>> and amazing human spirit .

>> a family member passed away and he says he continues to smile because he's alive.

>>> and throughout it all, 25 years " weekend today " has been your window to the world. and we're back on this sunday morning, september 16th , 2012 , celebrating, yep, 25 years of " weekend today ."

>> and we are joined in studio by many of your favorite co-hosts included boyd who was here from the beginning, 25 years ago. boyd, good start. this was an experiment, can we move the "today" franchise beyond five days a week?

>> they apparently did not have color photography .

>> we had black and white , our oldest memory.

>> feel the love. 25 years, bam.

>> chased down by an elephant one day. i'm allowed.

>> i'll bring more nation. i will say those of us doing the show thought it was such a natural, obviously it's going to work on sunday mornings. there's a hole. people need this information. they weren't so sure so we were not allowed to sit at the official news desk. we had to open the show from the couch, are a little separation in case it tailed. that had nothing to do with it.