TODAY   |  September 15, 2012

Welcome to Weekend TODAY, Dylan Dreyer!

The NBC News Weekend TODAY team gives a warm welcome to Dylan Dreyer on her first day as the weather anchor.

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>>> we want to give a warm weekend today welcome to dylan drier, who as we mentioned a moment ago joins our team. how are you feeling about joining our family?

>> you know, i'm a little nervous, but i think that's natural. this is so surreal. this is wonderful to be here.

>> but you've been doing this a long time. people watching in boston , they've been seeing you for years.

>> i know. i've been up there about six years. met my fiance up there, so i'm dragging him down to new york now.

>> weren't you like the number one weather caster?

>> she's being modest.

>> there he is right there. back in 2008 , it was just one little thing. i'll take any plug i can get.

>> are you from boston ?

>> no, i'm from new jersey actually.

>> so you're kind of coming home.

>> i was in rhode island , and then i was in boston , so i've been in new england a while.

>> can we talk about life changes for a moment? because you're not supposed to do everything at once. you're getting married in three weeks?

>> three weeks from today, yes.

>> and moving to new york and starting a new job.

>> yes. normally i have a fully stocked refrigerator. now i have an old pizza and a bottle of water and that's about it. a lot of changes going on.

>> that's welcome to new york .