TODAY   |  September 11, 2012

Classic kids’ bedroom décor under $300

You don’t have to redecorate every time your child moves from one stage to the next. Instead, start off with things that will survive every transition. Susanna Salk of iVillage shares her top picks for under $300.

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>>> this morning on today's home, kids' rooms that grow with them. with a little planning you won't have to redecorate as the day goes by.

>> ivillage contributor is here with ageless ideas. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i like this idea of really trying to allow your kids to kind of grow up and grow into the things around them. the nursery is so expensive. invest so money decorating them.

>> and when you're a new parent you don't realize this room is going to change many, many times, not frozen for what you want at the get-go so pick some pieces that will last forever, pop in different things as they get older but in reason to respend every five years, two years on different pieces.

>> yeah.

>> i wanted to get some things today under $300 but will last.

>> okay.

>> so some key elements.

>> the rugs here.

>> not a kiddie rug.

>> not a kiddie rug. so often i have to get choo-choos and dolls and little teddy bear . why not a cozy lush oriental-style carpet. this is under $300. would look great in a nursery.

>> great colors in it too.

>> could be boy, girl, if you don't want to know what the gender is.

>> gender neutral.

>> this one will last forever, and what i love it will last and also if you get down on the floor and play with the baby, it's going to feel comfortable, too.

>> let's look over here. you've got the shelves.

>> i love this.

>> invisible shelves this. can be great in a dorm room , right? a teenager would love this.

>> i'm going to put it in my home.

>> yeah.

>> if you have a small wall and a lot of books, doesn't take up aslot of visual space. important when you're buying things for kids, they want to love it, too. they get excited. bring them into the process.

>> and surround them with books.

>> books are very important.

>> and the mirrors, too, can always make a room look bigger.

>> a great accessory.

>> that's under 300?

>> yes, $259.

>> fantastic.

>> isn't that incredible, and it can be in a nursery. you forget when you're a young mom. fun to turn around and look at the baby and how older, how glamorous for a girl's room, right on up.

>> beautiful.

>> you don't have to dumb down your room for a child. make it glamorous and make it fun and make it whimsical.

>> i like these.

>> these book ends from crate & barrel . add fun touches, under $30. i think these are just so fun.

>> way fun.

>> and a great gift too.

>> art, from accessories --

>> and you say go for, you know, pieces that or things that will inspire them or they will grow up were as well.

>> i love black and white photography for a boy or girl room. very visual, $99 from why not have fun with it. again, it doesn't have to be something that's so childlike, but these are really visual, and i think any boy or girl would love these, and have them pick out what they would like, go online and pick some photograph that they love and then frame them and voila.

>> all right. moving over to the bed and the headboard.

>> so important.

>> you can start with a crib, right.

>> exactly.

>> what i love about the headboard is it makes it comfortable for kids to read against at night but completes a room. can you bring color pattern. look at the sophistication and whimsy. i'm sort of thinking of you also like --

>> and bedding, of course. don't buy the kiddie sheets.

>> the " star wars " sheets.

>> exactly. i like these are from west helm. save money by getting a great pattern comforter, and do white sheets. mix and match and be comfortable. i think this bed looks great.

>> looks great with that lamp right next to it.

>> love this.

>> the color is great.

>> this is also from one king's lane. it could be boys, girls. i like to put kind of residential looking living room lamps on a kid's desk to make their room look more friendly. put one on either side, and then this pendant i adore.

>> that's great.

>> why not put it in a nursery or over a crib, so light and pretty and make it seem like their fantasy light place but also it's functional.

>> and then the curtains add bold texture and the color is very vibrant.

>> these are $29. bring in some pattern and color, boy, girl, teen, tween, kid. it doesn't have to be so age specific, and a lot of times we put in our windows boring blinds because you think it has to be dark and quiet.

>> right.

>> even if you need blinds, add the curtains just for decoration. so easy to do, and i thought these patterns were just wonderful, and you'll never get tired of them.

>> this whole -- i have to do my 4-year-old room's all over again seeing this.