TODAY   |  September 07, 2012

Knitting hits the streets with ‘yarn bombing’

Artists all over the country are taking their cozy knitted creations and stitching them onto the urban environment, covering items from mailboxes to buses with colorful knit pieces. NBC’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> objects into yarn covered works of art . jenna wolfe is here to explain what that means.

>> this is fun. hey, matt, nice to see you. you name it, this has probably been yarn bombedp fire hydrants , mailboxes. it was first stitched up six years ago and today it has reached yarnegeddon. knitting, time honored tradition folks creating heirloom pieces has taken on a new form. knitting has hit the streets. yarn bombing, a modern day phenomenon of artists taking cozy creations and stitching them onto urban environments.

>> has anyone here ever yarn bombed?

>> no.

>> has anyone secretly thought about yarn bombing.

>> i have people i'd like to yarn bomb.

>> this woman is credited with starting this revolution.

>> knitting, crocheting, we put it on anything that inspired us of it's okay not to knit a baby blanket or sweater, you can knit a mailbox.

>> like other forms of graffiti, it is illegal.

>> it is illegal technically to do this. it's really pretty. people are enjoying it.

>> should something this beautiful be outlawed.

>> i'm wrapping something on a pole. if you don't like it, you can take it off.

>> reporter: not to needle folks with just details but not anyone can do it. listen to my weekend, finished with sk 2 , all decreases.

>> doing good.

>> thank you very much. i guess knit happens. uh-huh. yarn bombing has gone global, france, australia, china.

>> what's the biggest thing you've ever yarn bombed.

>> a bus. it was only supposed to be up a couple months but because of the popularity as a project it stayed up for 11 months.

>> a bus? really, a bus? we headed to times square , the center of the world , to leave our mark on something magda had never done before.

>> let's yarn tag it. have you ever done it?

>> no.

>> let's do it.

>> so i don't know about you but i think we just yarn tagged our first tourist.

>> i think we did.

>> nice, right?

>> so i'm going to give you these. i think i'm ready for lunch.

>> all right.

>> good luck. okay. thank you so much. we shot that in june. i was out in times square yesterday, she's still there. magda is traveling the world with her yarn. as can you see her brother and external c.j. are in on the act. what they did was they, i don't know, sprinkled some of their offerings. we look good.

>> al's bedroom.

>> who did we look like?

>> he has matching underwear, we can't show on tv.

>> are you knitting with pencils.

>> apparently it's so big if you're in a bind, you can grab pencils. i'm just going like this to fake it.

>> fake it till you make it.

>> it's soft yarn.

>> what prescription is that.

>> i think it's great you brought something to the show illegal.

>> for the first time, can we show this? he has been yarn bombed.

>> way to go. thank you.

>> a normal day.

>> sneak peek of what's hot as fashion week.

>> this.

>> yarn bomb.