TODAY   |  September 07, 2012

What’s in season: Hottest fall fashion, food, travel’s Lilliana Vazquez, Sarah Spagnolo of Travel + Leisure, and lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew share the scoop on the newest style, travel, and entertaining trends for fall, including colorful handbags, ski getaways, and a fruit and wine press.

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>>> with today's whip. we're focusing on what's in for the new fall season.

>> we've got three experts to give us the scoop. first up fashion by lilliana vasquez. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> they have us separated because i tower over you.

>> keep the distance.

>> burst into fall, lace was huge this summer .

>> one of my favorite fabrics, also one of my favorites for the fall. looks good for texture, chunky sweater over lace dress or cassimere looks appropriate.

>> we love the pop of color. over here we have what you can do with handbags.

>> neon was a huge trend for the summer . you can carry them over but pair them with darker, richer colors, army green trending huge for fall, also navy blue . orange, navy blue one of my favorite color com boss. keep your neons and wear them all season long.

>> peplum was the big hit of the summer . you think if you have one you have to put it away.

>> sleeveless can go a long way. add a thin turtleneck underneath. these affordable, about $50.

>> i hate to put away my sandals, now you're telling me you don't have to.

>> people think socks and sandals are a huge faux pas they are. tights and sandals aren't. they are on sale. pair them with colored tights, patterned tights, i promise, trust me on this one, great trend for the fall.

>> have to see that one to believe it.

>> ankle bootie, seems like a transition piece.

>> buy now, wear now. we don't like to wait for fall purchases. they are huge, every celebrity is wearing them. these are $24.99 from kohl's. piper has a selection of color and pants, even shorts.

>> i love shocking hot pink lipstick the fall is a twist on this.

>> if you want one that's expensive, switch out coral and holt pink and do a plum or berry color, lip stain, lip gloss like i'm wearing. mulberry, my favorite color for the fall.

>> thank you, lilliana vasquez.

>> thanks, savannah. what's in with fall travel. digital projects editor for travel & leisure magazine . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's unofficially the end of summer but still summer . you like the beach for travel this year.

>> the beach is great in the fall. that's because the resorts are empty, serene, windswept.

>> not as crowded as july and august.

>> not as crowded. nantucket, rates start at $175, rooms recently renovated and have an outdoor pool heated year-round. white elephant , a great example, one of the best hotels, rates in the summer months $680. in october about $195.

>> take advantage of that. great opportunity to stay in a place you probably can't get into in the summer . also like to suggest people go to ski destinations during the fall months. why?

>> prices are not as high as they are when there's a powdery snow on the slopes. beaver creek , lover for people who love to hike and cycle and golf. pines lodge, incredible foliage. rates at $200 a night. excuse me, $100 a night. talk about a great value for something a little different in jackson hole , the bentwood inn has an incredible experience up close to the elks, mating call happens once a year, $233. that includes that excursion plus breakfast and evening appetiz appetizer.

>> you like san francisco , weather great.

>> hits about $70. hyatt regency across, start at $209, throw in passes. you can take public transportation which includes the classic cable cars . for something a little different, d.c., of course, all eyes on that city for the election year. rates at the liaison capitol hill are about $159. great way to celebrate inauguration. you'll be right across the mall.

>> from beaches to ski resorts to a couple great cities. good idea, sarah, appreciate it.

>> thank you.

>> here is al.

>> new season, exciting food selection. lifestyle expert and our "today" contributor. good to see you.

>> good-bye lemonade, hello cider.

>> this is so fun, different sizes. turn it around, blocks inside, load it up with apples. press it, delicious.

>> mill your own grain.

>> thank dan barber of blue hill stone barn created cool line of heirloom organic grains, get them from sonoma.

>> your own corn mill .

>> it's not only healthier keeps minerals and vitamins but also tastes even better.

>> candy buffet.

>> candy buffet, parties, what better time than fall when you've got new fall candies, these are from buy based on size, type, shape, whatever you want . pottery

>> does anybody really like candy corn .

>> i do.

>> there you go. beer.

>> going away from light beers going to the warmer ales, ales. pumpkin beer since the colonial time is having a resurgeon earns. there you go.