TODAY   |  September 06, 2012

Alec Baldwin’s daughter: His voicemail wasn’t a big deal

E!’s Alicia Quarles talks about the hottest news in Hollywood, including one superstar actor’s quotes about sobriety that are making headlines, and Ireland Baldwin speaking out about dad Alec Baldwin’s infamous voicemail tirade.

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>> one with us right here, wanda sykes sticking around to help us out this morning. let's get started. wanda, i love this because this is a part of our segment we call the "say what" when she tells us what the celebrity said and we have to guess who said it.

>> the only problem with that voice mail was that people made it out to be a way bigger dan than it was. for me it was, okay, whatever.

>> i'm guessing c.

>> natalie, you always get it.

>> this is an interesting nt view that ireland, kim basinger 's daughter gave to page 6 magazines. she's 16 years old and she said my dad and i are really, really tight. it wasn't a big deal .

>> say what?

>> being sober he is a great deal. i remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs?

>> johnny depp ?

>> i was thinking johnny depp .

>> wrong, ladies. this is bradley cooper , which is interesting because he stars in "the hangover" but he's really candid, he said he got sober at 29 because he wanted to live to see his fullest potential.

>> i did not know he has a problem with the --

>> she's in a new phase in her life. katie is really embracing the f fashion community. katie says she's excited about this.

>> she should make a line of capes.

>> like the paparazzi is always chasing her. she can just --

>> the cape crusader.

>> i like that idea.

>> wanda, i like it.

>> i throw 'em out there.

>> i like it. the video --

>> the vmas are tonight.

>> water cooler moment. mtv moved up the program so it ends at 10:00 p.m . eastern. rihanna is opening with two songs. rihanna is sitting by chris brown , who is very close to drake. remember a couple months ago the alleged brawl over briana. caty perry will be there, taylor swift .

>> our girl beyonce celebrated her 31st birthday. she celebrated in style on the yacht?

>> a year ago she announced she was pregnant and now she's celebrating on a yacht. gwyneth paltrow --

>> it's really cute. highlighting top celebrity to the owes here. kim kardashian showed us some of her make-up secrets.

>> there it is. it's just a way to enhance your cheek bones .

>> it looks like cat woman .

>> i like that she showed this. we think, guys, it shows up look look.

>> oh, in is like special