TODAY   |  September 06, 2012

Eva Longoria: Obama really speaks to Latino voters

Actress and political activist Eva Longoria will be one of the featured speakers at the Democratic National Convention tonight. She gives a preview of her speech and talks about why she believes Obama appeals to women and to the Latino community.

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>> and eva longoria works with a number of political groups. good morning. it's good to see pup.

>> good to see you.

>> you look all relaxed and happy. are you nervous about tonight's speech?

>> very. to have the honor to speak to the american public is daunt bug i'm ready.

>> we've seen in this convention there's been a real emphasis on getting women voters, getting latino voters. you happen to be both. do you think there's an enthusiasm gap in those communities this time around?

>> no, no. i think what's important is that the campaign, our campaign has not taken these for granted. i think everybody assumes women are going to vote democratic and a latinos aren't but if you look at obama 's track record in his first term, he has really spoken to these communities. obviously with women he's just moving us forward, moving the country forward for women, whether it's equal pay for equal work or small businesses which women open a lot of businesses and health care , access to health care . as far as hispanics, doubling the pell grant allows more his pans iks to go to school, the april fordable care act has allowed 9 million more hispanics action ses to health care .

>> he did tackle with the dreamers and the people who have come here by no fault of their own. a comprehensive no. he needs the cooperation. immigration is not the top issue for latinas. it's the economy and health care . immigration is on the list but it's not at the top. and coming and hearing marco rubio 's and governor martinez and how their parents came. we'll heard julian speak and we saw him tell us his american dream story and how he was able to achieve what he has and how obama has treated immigrants in this country and knowing that this is a market within our own borders that we need to pay attention to, the latino market is very important to us.

>> you're obviously well versed in these issues but you know the criticism. any time you have a celebrity and actress come out and talk about politics, there are people thinking, okay, come on, what does an actress know about politics. what's your response to that?

>> i'm very literate on policy, i'm very literate on the issues and i'm an american first. i've been involved in politics long before i was an actress. i just happen to have a platform now. i happen to have a voice. watching clinton last night, he was the first campaign i volunteered for in 1992 . so i've been involved for a very long time. i care deeply about our country. i find it irresponsible for people to go she's an actress, what does she know. if you're a dentist what do you know? if you're a lawyer what do you know? it's our profession, it's not who we are.

>> what did you think of clint eastwood 's speech last week?

>> i still have not seen it because of excerpts on shows. i'm like a news junkie. i haven't seen the whole speech. he had a different narrative. everyone keeps comparing us because we're in the entertainment industry . i've been out there speaking on behalf of obama 's record, i've been in the trenches. so my narrative tonight with my speech and what i'm going to tell the american people is very different than what clint did.

>> no empty chairs?

>> no empty chairs.

>> eva longoria will be speaking right behind us there. i gave you a little burst of nerves, didn't i?

>> yes.