TODAY   |  September 05, 2012

Cheers! Chipmunk takes a sip of martini

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off funny photos of a chipmunk taking a drink from a martini glass and a sewage truck that has a “stinky” message to drivers.

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>>> it is that time to take a look at all those hysterical photos that make you say what the what?

>> sara has looked at these pictures for years and here with this week's topic.

>> i barely get by, honestly. our first photo is from karen from connecticut.

>> that's great!

>> that was taken at a resort, she walk out and saw him drinking the martini.

>> seriously.

>> my gosh, he won't find his -- never mind.

>> he will have trouble finding his way home.

>> he will have trouble finding his way home is what she meant.

>> from spring branch , texas, submitted this photo, missing black cow. she drove by a few days later and noticed -- that really happened.

>> these are good, sara!

>> i think we should stop right now.

>> why don't we just wrap it, go to commercial. we have a photo from cindy atkins. in case you weren't sure, that pole was there and we will warn you about the bigger pole in case you missed that. this photo was named because it was near the sulfur. it really did smell.

>> that's a terrible smell.

>> they could have been more creative.

>> stinking creek road .

>> think about putting that on an nfl.

>> imagine living on it.

>> finally, rachel blackwell from virginia submitted this phot photo.

>> your number 2 is my number 1 .

>> that's going to leave a mark.

>> that's disgusting. stinking creek road !

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i must say that was quite ill lumina luminatiing and entertaining as well. a picture worthy of our "what the what"? go to our website and you can enter.

>>> are u raed you ready for some fun? we will find out about tonight's big