TODAY   |  September 04, 2012

5 fun back-to-school DIY projects for your kids

Celebrity designer Frank Fontana shows how you can have fun with your kids doing DIY projects that will help them head back to school, including fashionable denim binders, cool door signs, and storage boxes.

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>>> we are heading back to school today. the start of school is a great time to begin some do-it-yourself projects for you and the kids.

>> author of "dirty little secrets and design" mr. frank fontana has some great ideas.

>> how are you doing today?

>> great.

>> this seems counterintuitive. trying to get the kids out of the house to do things you've been wanting to do all summer long.

>> they're in the mode doing craft stuff. these are projects with a purpose. binders. making them beautiful.

>> they tell you to decorate them yourself.

>> recycling old jeans, you use the pocket portion because you can store pencils, erasers inside of it. spray glue it down. set them up to any design you want. taking ownership over homework and play time , this is a great project. use empty fiber board , rope, painted it with my nephew jude. he puts this sign up, then playtime he pops up the rocket ship . it gives him a sense of responsibility.

>> your son is noisy.

>> yeah, that would be my son.

>> we'll meet him in a minute.

>> decoupage. you give kids ownership over things, it teaches them storage. cutting up some paper.

>> i used to do this all the time.

>> i got back to it with this project. it's a cool thing. boy-insired, harley-davidson, for the girls, poems and stuff.

>> that's sexist.

>> what do you mean? this is a definite discipline disciplinarian cool project. this is a time-out stool. when she acts up, you flip it over and you have to sit on the stool till the timer goes down.

>> how do they know it's over?

>> na that's the beauty of it. they never know. this is crayon art. everyone has old crayons. i'm going to show you how to do it. come on this side. grab a blow dryer. get that going real quick. i have a special guest judge. i'm going to bring my son in. come on in luca. my wife sherry, too. what you want to do is point down and get close. what will happen, it will start to drip.

>> look at mine.

>> hoda is an artist.

>> oh you go up against it. i think we have to go, right?

>> don't give up yet. this is art, girls. work it.

>> there it goes.

>> see, this is fun.

>> even my son can do this.

>> i'm bored.

>> i can see the kids would love doing this.

>> luca is getting all splattered. who's got it going on there, baby?

>> it's splattering his face.

>> it's your fault. sorry, honey.

>> coming up tomorrow, singer ashanti .

>> how to be happier at home. -- captions by vitac