TODAY   |  September 04, 2012

Does it really do that? As-seen-on-TV products

We see some very specialized products in infomercials and it can be tempting to pick up the phone to order them. But do they really do all that the ads claim? Lucy Danziger of Self magazine reveals which products are worth the money.

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>>> this morning on "today's" consumer, as seen on tv products. you've seen the commercials. which products are worth your money.

>> lucy, editor of "self" magazine.

>> this is fun. it makes dinner for you, makes it fun to eat healthy food.

>> we're suckers to the commercials and buy them and can't use them. you tested them.

>> our editors tested everything you see out there. it's only a waste of money if it doesn't work or you don't use it. we found things effective. turns out most americans aren't getting half fruits and vege you're supposed to. this makes it fun.

>> start with the chopper. how does this work.

>> this is the genius chopper sold on qvc. what it does is chops your fruits and veges , you make a salad as easy as that. then you can actually serve it in this groovy little container and gorgeous. take it to work. we found out in a study if you bring your lunch you lose five pounds by eating this kind of healthy food.

>> who knew. bring your lunch more.

>> i hate chopping. i hate chopping more than cleaning. i'd rather clean up than chop.

>> oftentimes we don't use produce, sits there and spoils because we don't take it out and use it.

>> any salad can be delicious. making salad can be a pain.

>> the kids can do that as well.

>> it's very fun. we're playing with gadgets.

>> move onto the chocolates here of a you've got your veges in you. you've got to fill the sweet tooth .

>> this calls my name. i love chocolate. dark chocolate is good for you. you're supposed to eat it a little every day. the truth for me is how to stop. i would eat the chocolate bar . the great thing about this, sold at target. you can make healthy fondu. you don't have to eat the whole bar. it's social, fun, make this fondu, desert but good for you.

>> in case it doesn't work, i feel like i need to try it just to make sure.

>> try it. your kids can make molds with chocolate. dark chocolate is good for you and what you're dipping in.

>> don't get it all over the tie.

>> the burgers are juicy without the grease. new wave sells them for $100. you don't have to heat up the whole kitchen. uses conduction, convection, infrared. put in potatoes.

>> like a souped-up microwave but keeps the crisp in the burgers i hear.

>> keeps the heat in here. if you're in a hot kitchen, you don't have to heat up the whole thing. it makes the whole dinner right in here.

>> healthier.

>> delicious. all these burgers were made with this. the new people will sell it to you.

>> i like the next item. go out of town, forget to throw things out. put them in the frig, smells bad. it's what?

>> genius, a little air freshener , takes ethylene gas, makes produce fresher longer.

>> save money.

>> you guy it on qvc, save produce, won't throw away wilted lettuce.

>> last but not least.

>> this is cute. this cute little wire basket. you know how you throw away the water. this makes pasta or steamed vegetables and you can keep the water for corn or veges and you don't get a face full of hot water .

>> fantastic.

>> i say with this you don't have to be a chef, just eat in, eat fresh, eat healthy.