TODAY   |  August 31, 2012

Large parts of Gulf Coast submerged

Following scores of rescues, widespread flooding and forced evacuations, officials recovered at least two bodies in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. Meanwhile, large parts of Louisiana remain underwater. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> savannah, thanks. the remnants of what was once hurricane isaac are dumping heavy rain on arkansas, missouri and illinois this morning, this as the gulf coast deals with the aftermath of the slow-moving storm. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in slidell , louisiana . gabe, good morning.

>> good morning, lester. overnight we learned sheriff's deputies in nearby plaquemines parish found two people dead in a home that was under water. officials fear they could find more.

>> it won't stop, keeps raining.

>> reporter: whether seen by land, boat or in the air, the scene is grim. large parts of the gulf coast under water. hurricane isaac slogged through louisiana , 21 inches of rain spots.

>> the most ever.

>> reporter: outside slidell , a pumping station overflowed spilling up to 6 feet of water into homes. police officers rescued around 150 people who had been trapped as well as a few shivering pets.

>> how is he doing?

>> he's scared to death. it will be all right.

>> reporter: elsewhere in louisiana , even the cows had trouble finding higher ground so they literally came home seeking refuge . in la platte a flood of emotions.

>> it's sad and hard to see that but it covered the entire sections of st. johns parish. all you can see is water.

>> reporter: they breached this levee on purpose to release pleasure on flood walls while in mississippi officials are planning a controlled breach of the dam today. safety engineers say they have no imminent fear it will break. louisiana officials weren't tank any chances urging tens of thousands of people downstream to evacuate. across the gulf coast there have been heroic efforts to rescue those left behind. the national guard helped this world war ii veteran and his wife to safety. a helping hand after isaac. inch slidell the floodwaters are receding quickly. lester about 40% of louisiana is still without power.