TODAY   |  August 30, 2012

Best back-to-school gadgets, websites, apps

The clock is ticking for kids to head back into the classroom. Actress and author Soleil Moon Frye shares a few of her favorite educational gadgets and apps that will have your kids ready for a new school year.

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>>> this morning on "today's classroom," s classroom," soleil moon frye has brought along some of her best gadgets.

>> talking gadgets first, this is the leap pad2.

>> the leap pad2, my kids love it. my 4-year-old made a movie on it. i love this is an education.

>> you have these bracelets.

>> i love these. these are memory cards that the kids can wear to school. they can carry their homework with them in a very fashionable way. i just think it's such a great idea that they have the memory there, kids are always so stressed about losing their homework. here it is, no excuses anymore.

>> next these portable speakers, which i love. these are amazing.

>> this is a fantastic speaker. it's under $50. it's a great gift. it's great for the kids to plug into the computer, the iphone. amazing sound quality .

>> good. let's move on to our web sites . these are all educational web sites .

>> absolutely. education is big in our household as i know it is in your as well. when you are looking for homework help , cosmeo helps the kids with science, math, social studies . i love it. it's fantastic. it's a great resource for kids that need help with that homework. it's a great resource.

>> very easy to use. another web site you love --

>> this is amazing. for all those parents who have kids that want to become computer coders, this allows kids to write their own code and create games.

>> is it possible to do that?

>> it's doable. you have so many teen-agers that are so tech savy and that want to create apps and this gives them the opportunity to do that.

>> it probably triggers the creativity.

>> you and i should create our own apps and start coding.

>> i'll leave you to the code ing.

>> the new york city has a great web site for kids.

>> the learning network, which is so incredible. i love this. it keeps them up with current events. it's got all of these incredible, insightful stories so that teen-agers can go online and really know what's happening in their communities.

>> much more relatable than them picking up the newspaper --

>> absolutely. it has its focused on the topics that are important for them to know, to be aware of. it makes them super user friendly. i like that they have a highlighted word of the day . it's great.

>> for the younger set and moving to apps, you like an app called alpha toss.

>> my 4-year-old is obsessed with this. they have a tool, they make it super user friendly. j for my jagger, she loves it and it puts the words together.

>> this next app is brain pop .

>> it's fantastic for the teen-agers. it quizes them with movies and does it in a fun way but all around education. it's fantastic. i'm a huge, huge fan.

>> i've got some work to do downloading apps.

>> and one more for your little one, me genius. it's helping kids with reading.