TODAY   |  August 30, 2012

Dog and pony show comes to Studio 1A

Actress Soleil Moon Frye joins TODAY animal advocate Jill Rappaport to judge the three finalists in TODAY’s Quest for the Best Pet Trick in America, assessing the talents of an Australian cattle dog, a husky, and a miniature horse.

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>> al, thank you. this morning on "today's quest for the best," outstanding pet tricks. we asked for video submissions and we have narrowed down the best.

>> our three finalists are here. joe rappaport is here with a little help from ruby.

>> i'm here because i'm very easy. i love every animal but this one, very little impresses her.

>> very picky, right?

>> she's going to be a tough judge so i need a little help.

>> what are you looking for?

>> obviously talent, the most unique trick they can do. a little personality doesn't hurt. right, sweetheart?

>> i have a rescue dog at home.

>> they're the best.

>> let's bring out our finalists. let's start out with linda wright and her australian cattle dog ruger . they're here from lake elseinor. linda, how many bets do you have exactly?

>> i have four dogs.

>> what is ruger 's special trick?

>> he's going to ride a scooter.

>> my kid are just learning to ride a scooter. amazing.

>> did youer that?

>> yeah. you have to get working on that.

>> look at that! that's great!

>> how did you teach her to do that?

>> i just tried it one day and he did it.

>> how did he try it the first time? did you just bring a scooter out?

>> yeah. i just put him on it because he already knew who to push a stroller.

>> great.

>> do you want to come help with my kid?

>> that's a great thing. excellent. what do you think?

>> unbelievable. i'm impressed.

>> he pushes a stroller with a baby in it, a butty in it.

>> good job! ruby -- do you -- okay, ruger .

>> we have our miniature --

>> we have a miniature horse here.

>> we have a miniature horse here. if i could only bring this home to my kids, they would go crazy!

>> you've probably never seen a horse this small.

>> amos is from boca raton . i understand amos is a huge twitter and facebook follower already?

>> yes.

>> i was looking at his twitter feed last night. he's very popular.

>> apparently he's even performed with the harlem globetrotte globetrotters? so he's somewhat pro.

>> i think you're pushing him a little bit too much, natalie. you have to be objective.

>> is it true that your horse can actually play basketball?

>> he can play basketball. you want to see?

>> let's go for it.

>> get it.

>> go get it.

>> the balls are getting bigger so it's going to get harder.

>> this is a tough one.

>> that's his globetrotter ball.

>> that's a hard one to pick up. want to try another one?

>> they have to be a little bit soft.

>> how did you get him to start playing basketball?

>> great job.

>> treats.

>> isn't that unbelievable?

>> there we go.

>> amos , 3 for 3.

>> wow!

>> that's pretty impressive.

>> i can get my dog to give me licks.

>> exactly.

>> one more?

>> one more.

>> there we go. for the slam dunk !

>> can you believe how calm this giep is? unbelievable.

>> so impressive. thank you very much.

>> my girls are going to be so jealous.

>> that's a tough one to beat.

>> i think ruby's leaning towards the horse.

>> she's even making a noise.

>> yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> we're supposed to be objective. calm down.

>> all right. last but not least. all the way from california, we have april robert and her husband ski, sk -- husky sky. i understand she's loves the theme song to " brian williams ."

>> she does.

>> okay. now what about this theme song ? a different theme song ? an nbc theme song .

>> no.

>> one more time.

>> she's a big fan of the news.

>> how did you discover -- no other theme music as far as we know, right?

>> no. and a little bit of stage fright . she usually has a full-out how will.

>> there's a lot going on here.

>> i think brian is looking at a new co-anchor. could be a whole new future here.

>> have i to say all very impressive acts.

>> this is a tough one.

>> they're so talented. you are so blessed to have these animals. i know we can't give them all awards, can we?

>> i'll bring them all home to visit the girls. they'd love it.

>> so i'm going to grab the trophy.

>> i'm going to walk over.

>> oh, they're all so wonderful.

>> they're all winners in our book, right?

>> they're all winners. but excuse me for walking in front but tada! they're all amazing.

>> you're very sweet. congratulations!

>> she was going crazy.

>> oh, good job, good job!

>> good job, everyone. thank you again for your submissions. coming up next, we are tackling your back-to-school money questions. and later on, bobby's style buzz! first, these messages. [ ryan ] it has stuff that guys like, like the rims and the sleekness to the body. and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana