TODAY   |  August 29, 2012

What's annoying Jenna today? Travel

With long lines, crying babies and unexpected delays, TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe chats about her frustrations with planes, trains and automobiles. “Pack your patience,” she warns.

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>>> back now at 8:43 this morning on what's annoying today. travel, millions of americans will be heading out to the long labor day weekend . there's a good chance your journey will include plenty of traffic and delays. our correspondent jenna wolfe is here with more. you get i, right?

>> this is not that much fun. you know the saying, half the fun is not exactly the same anymore. apparently the glamorous travel days are long gone. now unruly crowds and general chaos are the norm. before you take off, you better pack your patience. remember the golden age of travel? neither do i.

>> it's very frustrating.

>> planes, trains, automobiles oh, my.

>> traveling is not a great experience.

>> no matter who you're getting there, you better suck it up. getting out of dodge is pretty much as annoying as it gets. your road trip seems like a good option from a to b. buckle up. before you hit the road you're emptying your wallet, filling up your tank. add on those tolls, who can forget road raid inducing traffic.

>> with this traffic i could have walked there in half the time.

>> so the drive is driving you to tears? take flight, it's faster, right?

>> long lines and having to deal with a lot of people.

>> first you schlep through security. but you're hardly in the clear. want to charge your phone good luck trying to find a free outlet. of course delays in flights can strike any time.

>> to georgia and then to florida, back to georgia.

>> don't even get me started about the boarding process. maybe the frenzy is about finding space for your bag in the overhead compartment. what a joke, right? the whole journey wouldn't be complete without this.

>> traveling by air is the worst.

>> you'll stick to the ground, try the train perhaps.

>> i get there. there are 9 million people doing the same thing i am. everybody is standing in front of a big forward.

>> everyone carrying their bags all at once. i keep tripping over everything.

>> all aboard. when you finally nab a seat, one inescapable travel hazard, stranger danger. everyone has to get on the cell phone as soon as you get on the train. can't you just keep it down a little? how about going track-free and taking a bus. you know that's a gamble. broken wi-fi or avoiding a back row bathroom seat. but there's nothing worse than this.

>> what is that smell?

>> i mean, come on. you've got onbring that on board?

>> it stinks.

>> stinks is right. so when your trip gets trippy, remember, you're not alone. it's just part of the journey. soon enough you'll be back home.

>> like to get there.

>> can i quote natalie on a second. i'm never going anywhere ever again.

>> everyone canceled their labor day plans.

>> no, no, that's definitely the worst.

>> the outlet thing at the airport. that's annoying.

>> you get on the plane, it's freezing. i know it seems like we're complaining but just taking all the tiny complaints and packing it into one convenient.

>> then unpack.

>> my secret of packing is never to unpack. just work out of your suitcase.

>> that's a correspondent's way to do it. it's still in you.