TODAY   |  August 29, 2012

‘Two-faced’ kitty captures hearts, goes viral

Venus the cat may look two-faced, with her dramatic fur and different colored eyes, but she’s as sweet as can be and getting lots of love on the Internet with over 600,000 hits on YouTube. Her owners talk about their beloved pet’s newfound fame.

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>>> back now at 7:47 with a cat that's got a very unique look. it's become an internet sensation. one side is black with a green eye . the other side is calico with a blue eye . she is here along with owners christina and chris. good morning to all of you. this was love at first sight . you heard about this cat in north carolina . you live in florida. what happened?

>> basically my friend, her husband works -- doing some work on a dairy farm , snapped random pictures, put them up on the facebook site. we had an orange cat and black tuxedo at home. i said oh my gosh, she looks like a combination of both cats. we didn't at that time see both cats. chris's first reaction was we do not need any more animals. at the time we had three other animals. when we saw the eyes we were awestruck. we were like we have to have this cat. we got permission from the farmer that we could have her. he was happy to have her go to a good home. took her to the vet, got her cleared for everything.

>> looks healthy.

>> you put the pictures up. it's gone viral. there are stkeptics out there saying you photo shopped.

>> dyeing her face.

>> we can verify she's 100% kitty, no dye.

>> this is the way she was born. that's it.

>> i know you've asked vet raerns, no one knows.

>> she has not been dna tested. a few events, people personally known to us and her own vet have said that because of whiskers on one side being plaque ablack and white on the other side she's calico underneath, tortoise shell and black tuxedo, she does appear to be more like that. others say it's --

>> you say that better than we could say that. technical term . she's cute.

>> exactly.

>> venus, thank you very much.