TODAY   |  August 27, 2012

Make homemade hair spray, gel, conditioner

Buying a lot of products to keep your hair looking great can add up quickly. TODAY contributor Louis Licari shares a few recipes for making homemade hair remedies using items you can find in your kitchen.

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>>> this morning on "today's" beauty, home made hair care from styling gel to deep conditioner, you can make them you ever -- them yourself with items you have in your home. i like this idea. a lot of people might think, why go to the trouble when i can go out and buy it on the market.

>> the fact of the matter is you can buy it. this is the closest you can get to expensive salon production for your hair, with a little extra effort. they have to be refrigerated.

>> let's get to it. first is hairspray you'll make for it.

>> it's very simple. much simpler than you think. every one takes 10 or 15 minutes .

>> boil or heat it?

>> you actually are going to put in your wedges.

>> okay.

>> you're like a blond, brown, something in the middle. lemon for blond, orange is for brunettes. then what you do is you simmer that until it's about halfway dissolved, halfway reduced.

>> sure.

>> then you add vodka.

>> once it simmered down, at vodka. okay.

>> then to make it all smell well, you can use this orange essential oil . orange is great for brunettes.

>> lemon for blond.

>> the lemon for the blond. exactly. what you do is these containers which i labeled.

>> hairspray.

>> put it in the refrigerator.

>> it's not sticky at all with the lemons.

>> not at all.

>> smells yummy, delicious. i guess the vodka doesn't smell.

>> the vodka disappears. talking about liquor and drinks, you can actually use flat beer. it won't smell at all and that will act like a bodybuilder, an old one from last night, i guess. spray it on and you'll have body, no smell of beer. promise, guaranteed.

>> making our own hair gel here, not surprising you start with gelatin.

>> right. this is actually the gelatin okay. make sure it's not flavored. it will color your hair. water. essential oils . here we have lavender. lavender, ladies, it attracts men.

>> more benefits then. all right.

>> the trick to this is you literally put -- actually --

>> dpel continue in water.

>> gelatin in water and dissolve it. after we did that.

>> i imagine this is heated water so it disofls.

>> -- it dissolves.

>> heated water like this. put in the oil. of course you have to refrigerate this. and you see you have a gel.

>> have you to refrigerate it?

>> you want to keep it fresh.

>> not sticky either. that's good.

>> moving on over here. perfect. this one sounds delicious. it's not a smoothie we're making but rather a deep conditioning treatment with bananas and avocado.

>> what you do is take your top open, open your banana, put in one banana. put in also the avocado. before i would do that, i would make sure the banana is totally pureed. this is key. if you have chunks they will stick in your hair.

>> like making baby food .

>> baby food if you want to skip all this you can. that's a good substitute. avocado.

>> oil again?

>> yes, that's wheat germ oil . a little lemon grass oil to give it fragrance. result after the refrigerator, again, in a cute little container. you can make yourself.

>> doesn't last very long, right?

>> i would say these ingredients might last -- just make enough for your hair. all these recipes can be tweaked. if you have finer hair, less oil.

>> saran wrap and deep conditioning. all the time for now. we'll get to the others on another time. thank you