TODAY   |  August 23, 2012

KLG: Taylor Swift asked to leave Kennedy wedding twice

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford weighs in on the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift crashing a Kennedy family wedding last weekend. KLG attended the ceremony and reception, and she says the singer was twice asked to leave.

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>> it.

>> you were at a wedding.

>> why can't i stay out of trouble? i was just a guest at the wedding in boston of my, actually, she is my granddaughter by marriage. kyle kennedy . i told you all about it. she married a lovely guy named liam kirk. because it was a kennedy wedding, connor kennedy was invited to the wedding.

>> he is dating taylor swift .

>> he is dating taylor swift . we knew from the papers they were all in hyannis port . cassidy said i wonder if taylor will be here? i said all the invitations went out a long time ago before they started dating, so i don't think so. anyway, the truth is because i was there, vicki , frank's daughter's account of what happened in boston is accurate. she said to me as it was happening, i'm not happy about this. i said what happened? she told me. connor e-mailed her or texted her an hour before and said -- here's the thing. he had not rsvp . he got in touch with her an hour earlier and said can i bring my girlfriend? a beautiful sit-down dinner planned for months. she said nicely, please do not come. guess what? then they came.

>> came anyway.

>> look at what the papers say.

>> well, this is today's "new york post."

>> we have to show you the actual article which is this one.

>> "she needs a swift kick in t the [ bleep ]."

>> she was waiting, standing around. he came out and took her by the hand and they left. i didn't know there was drama going on at the time until i spoke with vicki . i'm not sure she didn't know she wasn't invited. i'm not sure.

>> when taylor swift walks into your wedding, she gets all the attention and you're chopped liver.

>> it was the bride's day. that was vicki 's other concern. this is my daughter's day. if he had done the right thing originally and rsvp and called weeks before and said may i, then i think vicki would have graciously said, yes, you may.

>> a lot of people don't rsvp .

>> do you know what it stands for?

>> respond sil vous plait.

>> i'm not great at rsvping.

>> you're not great at it? you don't do it.

>> okay. but i usually call or send an e-mail, tammy.

>> after you get sent four e-mails to remind you you have not e-mailed someone.

>> she said, i'm too busy and too important to do that stuff.

>> i'm very busy and important. you know what i mean .

>> that means i'm busier and more important than you.

>> i don't mean that.

>> we know you don't. we want to hear your thoughts.