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TODAY   |  August 15, 2012

Chelsea Clinton not ruling out political career

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Chelsea Clinton opens up about her life in the spotlight and the possibility of following in her parent's footsteps by running for public office someday. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> clinton has spent most of her life in the spotlight. amazingly she has never granted an interview until now. in a surprisingly candid interview in the september issue "vogue" she talks about her life and the possibility she will follow in her parents' footsteps and run for public office herself someday. andrea mitchell has more on this. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. from the moment she was born, chelsea clinton has been a public figure. though she and her parents have done their best to keep her personal life private she opened up to vogue and saying she is now trying to lead a personally public life . chelsea clinton was born into politics but not of it. with her father already governor of arkansas, she was instantly in the public eye . but her parents fiercely guarded the privacy of their only child. in her first wide ranging interview, 32-year-old chelsea opened up to vogue saying i've been aware of how extraordinarily normal and how extraordinarily extraordinary my life has been.

>> she spent the last 32 years of her life not doing interviews. when she finally decided to do it she went all in giving me three months, basically access to all quarters of her life.

>> this is a side of chelsea rarely seen. her love of coffee, books, and running, which she calls the one part of my life in which i fundamentally feel like the observer instead of the observed. sheltered through most of the 1992 campaign, she made her first grand appearance at madison square garden when her father was being nominated. in the white house the family still shared family dinners. she tells vogue they organized their lives so we could have that time, wherever they were. at least one of them would fly home to be with me. spring breaks were exotic trips, bosnia and india. there would be difficult times, too, for the family. but chelsea tells vogue the blessings outweighed. campaigning with her mother, we hading to childhood friend. strongly influenced by her grandmother dorothy rodham who died last november, chelsea started augmenting her graduate work with a career in philanthropy and then journalism as a special correspondent for nbc news.

>> do you remember the moment when you believed you could have a different future?

>> now for the first time clinton also reveals someday she may join the family business , politics saying, if there were to be a pint where it was something i felt called to do, then that would be a question i would have to ask and answer.

>> i think usa she's kind of the sole heir to her parents' legacy, which is huge, it's almost like she has no choice step up to the plate.

>> hillary clinton was 32, chelsea 's age, when she gave birth to her only child. standing in, chelsea joked about building a better world for the grandchildren her mother hopes to have, something chelsea says she looks forward to if her mom can wait. vogue hits news stands august 21st

>> interesting. thank you very much.