TODAY   |  July 23, 2012

How to snag a date after you’re divorced

Amy Laurent, Emily Morse and Julia Allison from Bravo’s “Miss Advised” answer your questions about finding a date after you’re divorced and how to tell a longtime boyfriend you want to move in and get married.

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monday with more of "today." expert advice on dating after 30. who better to help you out than a matchmaker, radio talk show host and a journalist who happen to be relationship experts of a soern age. you would never know it to look at them.

>> they happen to be single themselves. and bravo's miss advise where they publically struggle with their own lives. amy laurent, emily and julia allison .

>> who is the matchmaker?

>> who is the journalist?

>> i am.

>> i have a talk show called "sex with emily."

>> of course you do.

>> everybody does.

>> here is our first question. these came from viewers who want your help. how do you approach a guy you've been dating more than two years about moving in together and getting married?

>> okay. i would tell tracy be very careful because as a woman, you never want to give an ultimatum. that never works out well.

>> unless you're prepared for whatever answer he gives.

>> exactly. if you haven't voiced your opinion that you want to move in, how does he know you're not happy with things?

>> that might scare him away, too. you've got to know your own relationship.

>> i say give him tons of ultimatums like i need one orgasm a day.

>> just one? what's wrong with you?

>> i think there is a great article called "why you're not married" made into a book. she said women are liars. they don't say to a guy, hey, i'm looking for a serious relationship. you don't have to say it on the first date, but you have to say it within the first couple of months of a relationship.

>> give yourself the ultimatum. if you're the woman and you want to be in a relationship, you need to say, i'm going to give myself a month. if we don't have the conversation within a month, i'm over it.

>> create your own deadline.

>> yes.

>> i am over 50 and i have not dated in over a year. where does someone over 50 meet others who are not looking for one-night stands? that is a good question.

>> if 2 you're single, i don't care what age you are, you need to treat it like you're looking for a job. tell everyone you know you're single, friends, co-workers, person in the grocery store . put it out there to everyone.

>> there is a big article in one of the papers this morning about how women in new york are getting on the train going up to where i live in greenwich looking for a man. a lot of guys who work for hedge funds and stuff.

>> we are going to be in 2 greenwich having a good old party. i love greenwich , connecticut. great men. great men.

>> if frank's there, send him home.

>> you can go to places online.

>> i don't trust that. you get freaks.

>> not on facebook and twitter.

>> next one. which dating website would be best for a single woman attempting to get back out there after divorce? what do you like the most?

>> actually, to the point i just made, facebook and twitter. you go unconventional. there are dating websites, eharmony, match, but i think it's nice to go in the back door. you go subtle.

>> i think we need to look at -- there are so many dating sites, it's almost asking who should i be friends with? what makes you feel good? are these people i would date or go out with and just explore?

>> hire a matchmaker.

>> you would want to find somebody in your life with not just to go out with, but who is going to share life with you. i think you would go to places you're interested. the church or synagogue or a pet store --

>> biking club, hiking.

>> say yes to everything for a month. every invite you get.

>> are any of you happy in your interpersonal relationships?

>> are you guys with boyfriends?

>> happy dating. it's really good.

>> i don't want to spoil the show. there is a guy i started going out with last week. we'll see.

>> looking good.

>> you can catch "miss advise" tonight at 10:00 on bravo.