TODAY   |  July 20, 2012

Police identify suspect in Colo. shooting

NBC’s Pete Williams reports police in Aurora, Colo., have named James Holmes, 24, as the suspect in the shooting during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

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>> to nbc's chief justice correspondent pete williams . pete, we understand we have more on the suspect?

>> reporter: well, yes. i'm told by several federal officials that the name they believe that this young man had is james holmes , born december 13th , 1987 . he had an address in aurora, colorado. that's the address of the apartment that you looked at just a moment ago where jace larson was reporting from. matt, to answer your question, authorities say they did not find any explosives in that car. he claimed there were explosives in the car. there weren't any. he came to the scene with apparently four weapons. we're told it was a rifle, now a shotgun they say was the other long gun. and two pistols. the rifle was said to be a semiautomatic ak type. so that's capable of carrying a large magazine, a large number of rounds in the weapon before you would have to reload. i don't know what the two hand guns were. so they're now at his apartment in aurora and as you saw earlier they're doing this very carefully. we saw an officer standing on top of an evidence response van so that he could look into the window of the apartment and get a good look at it. that's the picture we're looking at earlier. this is a much earlier picture than we had a moment ago.

>> right.

>> you saw them with a hand held mirror or possibly a remote camera on a long pole so they could look into the apartment first before they opened up. but in a subsequent picture you could actually see an officer with -- looked like the window was open looking into the apartment. so it may be that they'll decide to go in that way or they'll go in the door if they can get a good look at the door and decide that it's, you know, safe to open the door and go in. they have no reason to think there are explosives there other than what this young man has told them.

>> just to restate something you told us earlier, with a name now james holmes , 24 years old, and according to the information you passed along earlier this was not a guy who was any kind -- on any kind of watch list , known to authorities as a potential problem?

>> reporter: absolutely not on any kind of terror watch list , not on any list of known -- for want of a better term extremist organizations. so, no. this is not a name that was familiar to them. the big question is why? and i've not heard of any explanation yet that he has given them or that they are satisfied with for why he did this.