TODAY   |  July 19, 2012

Kathie Lee Gifford’s musical heads to Broadway

After a run in Seattle late last year, “Scandalous: The Life and Trials of Aimee Semple McPherson,” co-written by TODAY’s own Kathie Lee Gifford, will be featured on the Great White Way. KLG chats about the details of the show telling the true story of “the most amazing woman” she’s ever studied.

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>> fresh from a night of of what you describe as --

>> kathie lee gifford joins us this morning with a very big announcement.

>> i can't believe the words are coming out of my mouth today. we're announcing today that a musical that i've been writing going on 13 years now will be coming to broadway this fall.

>> broadway!

>> i know. thank you. yeah, i know. it called "scandalous." there's orleading lady. we're going to be at the neil simon theater !

>> are you kidding me?

>> look at this. i get o to cast that leading man. she's the most amazing woman i've ever read about, real woman, 1920s , scandalous beyond belief. yet did amazing things with her life. there's still great mystery about her. she disappeared for five weeks back in 1926 . she said she had been kidnapped and held for ran some in new mexico. the district attorney said no you weren't, you were with your married lover in your love nest in carmel. so if you want to find out where she really was, you have to come to the neil simon -- we we start previews on october 14th and we have opening night on, pichb might, november 15th .

>> and you'll have a big party riesht?

>> opening night . absolutely.