TODAY   |  July 11, 2012

911 call released from teen’s gator attack

Officials released the call to 911 from a witness to Kaleb “Fred” Langdale’s vicious encounter with an alligator in a Florida river, during which the teen lost part of his arm.

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>>> today after losing part of his arm in a vicious encounter with an alligator on monday. this morning officials released the call to 911. his friend placed just moments after that attack.

>> 911, what's your emergency?

>> hello?

>> yes, this is 911. do you have an emergency?

>> yes, ma'am. a gator just got my friend in the water.

>> are you all right, fred ? i'm calling. fred , just get out of the water!

>> fred langdale said he was just cooling off with some friends by taking a dip in the river when he was attacked. doctors say his arm cannot be reattached. hours after the attack the alligator was captured and killed.