TODAY   |  July 10, 2012

Team U.S.A.’s opening ceremony uniforms unveiled

For the first time, David Lauren reveals the uniforms Team USA will be wearing as they march proudly in the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.

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>>> this morning on "today's" countdown to london, the much anticipated opening ceremony for 2012 london olympics is now just 17 days away. this morning for the very first time david lauren from ralph lauren is here to unveil the uniforms team usa will wear on that evening. david , good morning. this is very exciting. before we do our big reveal, tell us the inspiration for the looks we're about to see.

>> ralph lauren has always been inspired by the olympics. we've had the special opportunity to work with the team looks into archives, very inspired by 1948 games, which is the last time america competed in england. of course chariots of fire has always been inspiring, old world elegance brought up to time.

>> let's start with the women. we have heather, two-time gold medalist soccer player.

>> hi, how are you guys?

>> tell us about the uniform.

>> well, we tried to create something very elegant, something that would be comfortable for the athletes. we're dressing basically 1,000 people representing america to be walking together. something that was easy to put together but still takes us between the men and the women, really makes everything fit perfectly.

>> ken moorehouse, silver medalist for men, a similar look but more mass collin.

>> we love the berets. are you trying to go back to salt lake city ten years ago.

>> the berets was so popular. we brought you guys berets. they are great collector's items and really fun. people just like something.

>> what's the proper way to wear the beret.

>> how do we do it.

>> makes the outfit.

>> ready to play soccer in these outfits.

>> a great outfit for fencing.

>> how do you feel about the outfit.

>> i think it's amazing, gorgeous. they look great.

>> it's exciting to be in the outfit right now. to know we're wearing it in the opening ceremonies is quickly.

>> david lauren, heather, thank you so much. we appreciate it. reminder, we'll be in london