TODAY   |  July 09, 2012

TODAY welcomes Savannah to the anchor desk

In honor of Savannah Guthrie’s first day as TODAY co-anchor, the TODAY team, her friends, and her mom take a look back at some highlights of her childhood and career at NBC.

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>>> as we've noted we're welcoming savannah guthrie to her role as co-anchor of "today." we could not be more pleased or proud. take a look.

>> being a part of the "today" show is a dream come true .

>> now she joins us to co-anchor the 9:00 hour. savannah , welcome.

>> to stand out there and be next to everybody, it's kind of a pinch yourself moment.

>> there's not many jobs you can describe as fun and actually mean it. this job is fun.

>> i'm not taking a dog biscuit . i learned that trick from matt lauer . your prince charles . welcome to the "today" show.

>> savannah is very close to her family and loves her two little nieces.

>> my mom raised us. she stayed at home.

>> savannah 's mom.

>> are you kidding me?

>> she got tired, she would just sit down right in the middle of the grocery store aisle. then she'd threaten us and say, i'll cry. she had a loudmouth.

>> meredith is one of my beth friends. she's the sister i never had, i always wanted.

>> my dad was in mining. i like to say i was a coal miner's daughter. when i was 16 my dad passed away . he had a heart attack . i felt a special bond with my dad. he named me, actually, after my grandmother.

>> i said savannah 's name is savannah .

>> savannah guthrie at the white house .

>> thanks so much, savior.

>> hi, al, i'm savannah , two ns with an h on the end.

>> shoshanna.

>> she missed being number one in our entire law school class by 0.2%.

>> reporting live, savannah guthrie , nbc news.

>> i love to write more than anything. i wanted to be a writer and reporter. i was not somebody who started and just knew how to do this job. it took me decades to learn.

>> everybody on the beat liked her. she's got chops.

>> savannah guthrie .

>> is it possible voters can feel your still not getting it.

>> today's legal correspondent savannah guthrie .

>> sizing up the credibility of its user.

>> when the interview subject sits across from her, she will disarm you.

>> what would you like to say that you are prepared to be commander in chief.

>> why didn't you walk away ?

>> congratulations, four for four managing to find a negative approach.

>> how will the rest of your day go.

>> yes, from time to time, i have been a little star struck, that's true.

>> you look great.

>> thank you.

>> how do you do that?

>> how do you do that?

>> i really feel like we bonded. at least i did. i'm available if meryl streep wants to hang out.

>> i just couldn't get over that my jab was to attend a concert every friday and meet rock stars . the first cassette tape i ever bought.

>> i grew up in the '80s and had duran duran posters all over my room. i loved them with a burning fire, all of them. also i really love i just broke up with my boyfriend chick music. i try to play it on the guitar. i try to sing it.

>> it's pathetic but it's true. all by myself there's no stopping us right now feel so close to you right now

>> i get lots of ribbing.

>> seriously.

>> i don't know. i guess i had to review my crazy uncle joke to be ready for matt and al.

>> you can do this. you're looking like one of the angels.

>> a little dance. want to see it again.

>> so sweet of you to buy me this.

>> she is a classic klutz.

>> i'm very excited about the olympics. i just hope they don't want me to do anything athletic.

>> she has a collection of bruiseses.

>> savannah always has at least one broken heel.

>> she's trying to do so much, something is going to break.

>> there's truly nothing i can do in the kitchen. let's move on.

>> al was one of the first people i felt i really got to know a little bit. now he has a heart of gold . he has become a friend and somebody to get into mischief with.

>> savannah , i love you.

>> thank you, matt.

>> the one thing about matt is, he really teases me relentlessly.

>> tall, elegant and lit by 9:00. enough about you.

>> once i realized he does that to everyone, i felt better.

>> i'll just come in earlier.

>> then i knew, okay, i'm starting to fit in here. it's always scary to start a new job. i'm looking forward to getting to know everybody a little bit better.

>> was that fun or horrifying.

>> like attending your own funeral.

>> you could have chosen a better phrase.

>> we learned just about everything we could learn about you from the point you were a child. but we found one other thing. your favorite book --

>> no, no, no.

>> the name of your favorite book.

>> " war and peace ."

>> nice try.

>> please, commercial, everybody.

>> favorite book growing up was a book, your mom told me "dreams can come true." it featured the picture of the cheerleader. she dreams of being beautiful, popular, becoming a cheerleader and dreams of having a handsome boyfriend. then she sees kip. "gree "dreams can come true."

>> out of print but we found it for you.

>> a nightmare. in all seriousness, this is a little unexpected as we all know. i want to say i'm so proud and honored to be in a place occupied by so many women i admire, ann, meredith, katie and jane, debra, barbara, hope i didn't miss anybody.

>> you'll hear if you did.

>> i love being with you guys every day. thank you.

>> so happy for you.

>> this, mom and dad , forget it.

>> you are a cheerleader around here. you fit right in.

>> she left her pompoms upstairs.

>> and then she sees kip.

>> it was a really good