TODAY   |  July 08, 2012

Father allegedly paid $21 to have bully beaten

A father is accused of hiring a girl, 17, for $21 to beat up another student, 13, because she was bullying his daughter. NBC's Veronica De La Cruz reports.

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>>> police in connecticut say they have never seen anything like this. a father is accused of hiring a teenager to beat up a girl who was bullying his daughter. the story now from nbc's veronica de la cruz .

>> reporter: philip says his daughter was being bullied constantly in school and on facebook. finally, the insults, taunting and touching got to be too much and she told her family.

>> people would trip me in the hall i wways or grab my stomach and say i was pregnant and how far along i was.

>> reporter: police say the father hatched a plot to pay a 17-year-old girl to fight the 13-year-old who the girl says was one of her worst tormenters.

>> a lot of people know i have a business, i get paid a lot of money, i'm going to pay $21 for a fight, it is so absurd, it is ridiculous.

>> reporter: he said they went to a local diner to confront the alleged bully and to tell her to leave his daughter alone. then a fight broke out in the parking lot between the so-called bully and another girl that girl was arrested and accused of taking money to bully the bully.

>> screaming and cryinging, she was assaulted by an older person person.

>> she was picked up and thrown head first into a car. my daughter did end up with a concussion, yeah.

>> reporter: he said the girls once had words, but if there was a problem, the father should have come to him. her parents say she's a victim, not a bully.

>> she struggles with it. she looks over her shoulder.

>> i'm not going to do anything like that. i don't believe two wrongs make a right. that's absolutely the wrong approach.

>> reporter: philip will be in court tomorrow. for "today," veronica de la cruz , nbc news.