TODAY   |  July 07, 2012

Christie’s tough talk caught on tape

A new recording of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is making the rounds. This time he takes on a detractor verbally on a Jersey boardwalk.

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>>> new jersey's governor chris christie is not afraid of a little shouting match. it happened again, this time on the jersey shore .

>> you're a real big-shot. you're a real big-shot, shooting your mouth off. you're a big-shot.

>> walking away . keep walking! keep walking!

>> it looked like a scene from mtv's " jersey shore ." in fact, it took place at the actual jersey shore , and believe it or not, that's new jersey governor chris christie . an aide close to governor christie says "the instigator was swearing at the governor, who was with his children on the boardwalk. he is a father first, and it's hard to find fault with his spontaneous reaction." christie 's straight-talk approach has made him a rising star in the republican party . born to run

>> and on many political short lists of potential running mates.

>> i love being governor of new jersey , you can tell, but the fact is, if governor romney picked up the phone and called, you have to pick up the call and listen at least.

>> but would mr. romney be okay with a vice president who said this?

>> your rear end's going to get thrown in jail, idiot!

>> or this?

>> first off, it's none of your business.

>> weighing in as a vice presidential candidate , you cannot do things that will either take away attention or embarrass, or worse, damage a presidential-level candidate.

>> governor christie doesn't shy away from his well-known outbursts. in fact, he uploads them to youtube.

>> you must be the thinnest guy in america.

>> reporter: on thursday, he tweeted an announcement, saying he's reached 5 million hits and offering up some of his most memorable moments.

>> i'm a nice guy . ask anybody.

>> christie 's message seems to be he's not changing his style, so you'd better get used to it.

>> you're a real big-shot, shooting your mouth off.

>> he definitely speaks his mind.