TODAY   |  July 03, 2012

Is frozen yogurt really healthier than ice cream?

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer tackles viewers’ diet dilemmas, including whether frozen yogurt has fewer calories than regular ice cream and whether marinating meat makes it less carcinogenic when placed on the grill.

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>> now to joy's diet israeli o.s. "today's" nutritionist joy bauer, grilled veges, frozen treats and marinades as we head to the fourth of july.

>> is that your mom? she's gorgeous.

>> she's a good mom for sure.

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>> she loves your advice like so many others, so let's get to it.

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>> jackie in scottsdale, arizona. jackie , good morning.

>> hi, good morning. how are you?

>> we're great. what's your question?

>> my question is, do marinades techniques from becoming carcinogenic when placed on a grill.

>> it's a great question, so timely. the answer is yes, dramatically. just so everybody knows when meat, talking about chicken and pork and fish exposed to high temperatures like grilling, unfortunately these carcinogenic compounds called hcas are formed. the good news if you marinade any meet for an hour with fresh herbs or dried herbs and seasonings you can lower the cancer causing compounds by up to 90%. scientists think those herbs and seasonings like oregano, thyme, antioxidants are super healthful. so marinade. great question right in time for barbecue.

>> jackie , thank you, enjoy your 4th. a viewer e-mail from christie. she writes, in preparation for the 4th and the hot summer days ahead, i'd like to know is frozen yogurt really a healthier option than ice cream or not?

>> the answer is, it all depends on what kind of ice cream you're comparing it to. frozen yogurt and light ice cream are pretty much made with the same ingredients, low fat dairy. the only difference in yogurt is the cultures. we don't know from brand to brand if they survive the freezing process. don't automatically go with frozen yogurt because it sounds healthier, frozen i don't get, light ice cream , both good.

>> joining us via skype, jill, what's your question this morning?

>> hi, good morning. i'm planning by fourth of july menu. what are your favorite vegetables to grill and how do you prepare them?

>> i like all vegetables grilled. so my favorites, i would say that i like to take summer squash and eggplant. i do all sorts of different colored red peppers , onions. i slice them half inch thick, mist them with oil spray, canola, grapeseed or olive oil , sea salt or kosher salt and black pepper and five minutes on each side. i also do it with whole asparagus and whole mushroom caps. what's trendy now is take a whole head of lettuce, i like to use romain, very, very dry, slice lengthwise, keep stems intact to leaves don't fall off. put it on the grill, one to two minutes on each side, a nice grill flavor and then dress it like a salad.

>> you taught me the difference between starchy vegetables.

>> unstarchy vegetables unlimited so low calorie .

>> an e-mail from diana, she writes, i'm making turkey burgers instead of beef as part of my fourth of july feast but want to jazz them up. any ideas for flavoring my burgers. that's what you hear from people.

>> they are boring. ground turkey is a clean pallet. you can dress them up with anything. i have a gazillion. i'll throw them out in twitter land. capri caprese burger. you can add in crumbled feta cheese, olives, roasted reply pepper, oregano. sometimes tamron, i take the easy way out and make tex mex burger by adding taco seasoning.

>> the easy way would be coming to your house.