TODAY   |  July 03, 2012

Watch driver try to duplicate parallel parking record

Can professional stunt driver Han Yue replicate his Guinness world record in parking by steering a Mini into a spot only 5.91 inches larger than his car? TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports and speaks with Jim McDowell of MINIUSA about the company’s 10th anniversary.

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>>> 8:20. if you've ever tried to parallel park it's not easy unless you hold the world record for parallel parking the man who can fit into the tightest spaces. jenna, we've been waiting all morning, take it away.

>> reporter: this is fun. the mini usa headquarters. a professional stunt driver. he's able to set the unofficial parallel parking job, 5.9 inches, five inches larger than the car he was in. it's an unbelievable feat. you know how i know that? i gave it a try this morning. this was me early this morning trying to get in. i had full confidence going in. i thought i could do this in like 30 moves. it took me 30 minutes and i resorted to just double parking . let me show you how this is supposed to be done. here he is doing this in beijing. he did set the world record . he fit into the tightest spot. has he a way of doing this. a system, routine, if you will. i wasn't privy to this routine when i did this this morning. so we're back out here live now and we're going to get to him in a second standing by. i want to introduce to you jim mcdow. don't worry what it says on your shirt. worry about it. you're vice president at mini usa. welcome. thank you for letting us destroy your parking lot with this.

>> thank you for coming.

>> reporter: i have to ask you a question. some of these cars have an american flag tattooed on the top of them. it's for a special ten-year celebration you have planned.

>> this is mini's tenth anniversary in the u.s. we're excited. it's been 10 exciting years. people didn't know if mini would make it in the u.s. it's been a great success, more than 450,000 motorists.

>> you're going cross-country.

>> it's a cross-country drive. twelve days later we end up in los angeles .

>> fantastic. before you do, we'll cue him. we'll have about the basic training , routine, all of it. you look like you train on a daily basis.

>> absolutely.

>> this is it. international cue for begin parallel parking . there he comes. he's going to do this more gracefully than i did it this morning.

>> does that make you nervous? these are your cars? does that make you nervous next time you see that?

>> that might be my next company car . it makes me very nervous.

>> what is the training for this. before i ask you, that was awesome. high-five. i guess the steering wheel gets a little -- yes, a round of applause. this is a hotly contested world record . he did this in 5.9 inches. it went back and forth for a while.

>> back and forth over several years. he won in a competition in china. we're delighted he can with us today.

>> besides protein shakes how do you train. do you wreck them on a daily basis.

>> you start farther apart and move closer and closer. you can see the parking lot had a lot of practice.

>> change the car, puts more pressure on the tires for this.

>> this is a stock car just with more tire pressure .

>> is this a quintessential do not try this at home type of thing.

>> i would start with a very wide berth.

>> by wide berth you mean a mile and a half.

>> a mile and a half.

>> are you because you host this, are you part of the contest at all. have you tried this?

>> i have not tried this. i'm doing the drive starting tomorrow.

>> how was this, good, bad, ugly?

>> good. i love mini.

>> how did you do here? let me measure this. that is not bad.

>> yeah.

>> how do you get out? push, right?

>> it takes 30 times back and forth, back and forth.

>> that's the way i did.

>> reporter: thank you so much. that was awesome. come live in new york city . we need you here on a daily basis. jim, all the best across the country and thanks to mini for letting us come out.

>> our pleasure to share motoring fun with you.

>> reporter: thanks, guys. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio.

>> jenna, first try, national television live, sticks the landing.

>> unbelievable. i'm going to try that in hoboken later today .

>> you are not. he had ice water in his veins.

>> just like that, inches of the other car, unbelievable.

>> i'm impressed. we're back after your local news.