TODAY   |  July 02, 2012

Perfect presents for thanking your hosts

Whether someone is throwing you a shower or welcoming you for a weekend, Amy Goodman of Coastal Living magazine has thoughtful gifts to give the hosts of any social situation this summer.

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>>> whether you're invited to a casual dinner or guest for an entire weekend, the perfect gift for your host can go a long way to show a little appreciation. amy goodman is the editor-at-large for coastal living magazine. good morning, amy.

>> good morning.

>> the rule is you can't show up empty handed. you get tired of bringing flowers or wine, mix it up.

>> we have wonderful ideas, luxurious gifts for the home, attainable and affordable. truly a nice nod, something from the heart, going to dinner or staying for the weekend.

>> let's launch in. first.

>> these are from anthropology, made from recycled beach glass , which has a nice moment to it. they come in a variety of different colors. for $8 a piece, can you mix and match them giving to the hostess. it elevates the idea of a candle because she can use them time and again. pair this with matches. home art out of california. they do have some nice motifs on there.

>> great conversation piece with the motifs on there. for our hostess who loves coffee.

>> they probably have a coffeemaker but don't have a french press. bed bath & beyond , $19.99, a nice pop of color with the kitchen. pairing it with something more to show you thought about the gift. these are gorgeous organic sugars made in the shape of sea shells .

>> these are too pretty to use. they are great.

>> for those at home, it has a little vanilla flavor. added sweetness, gourmet sugar company.

>> pretty, aren't they?

>> next up, i love this idea. a safe gift, something people can use.

>> if you entertain a great deal, you can use more hand towels.

>> sure.

>> what i love, cabana stripes, fresh, crisp. look at the monograms for an additional $7. that personalizes. i love the maritime soap sets, made from oatmeal and vegetable oil. they are very natural but modelled after 18th century packaging. kind of has that cool, classic sophistication to them.

>> moving on, you can't go wrong with a bottle of wine.

>> unlike a bolts of wine on the doorstep, vineyard vines, up to one bottle or four for storage. they have coastal designs, five different designs to choose. it has kind of a beachy if you please element. they are very sturdy. canvas on the outside, gingham on the inside.

>> bringing wine to a new level. these pillows are fantastic.

>> customizable canvas pillow colors. forty different designs. i love them all. i think the elephants are cool. obviously personalized, too. these start at $58.

>> how long does it take?

>> i would plan about a week in advance. add that to gift giving .

>> that's when you know you're staying for the weekend.

>> nice to give something more substantial.

>> next up these platters. i love the serving trays.

>> they feature iconic prints. chain-link print, square do the. particularly nice with a fashionista with a contemporary home. at the same time i love the idea of giving trays as a gift.

>> serving trays are one of the most popular gifts you can give.

>> for a hostess, she can always use more.

>> petrified platters, delicious hor doevres, sushi, these are 20 million years old. the most gorgeous history you've ever seen prf i like them because my cooking is terrible, it will distract.

>> mexican dominos, classic bingo. the minute you get in the door, all have fun playing games. very affordable, luxurious items that seem like so much more.

>> are you a good domino player.

>> bingo. you can wager on me with bingo.