TODAY   |  June 29, 2012

Hot summer trend for women: Borrowing from boys

If you’re looking to spice up your summer wardrobe, you might want to start shopping in the men’s department. Lilliana Vazquez of shows how to wear men’s shoes, accessories, and clothing and still look feminine.

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>>> this morning on "today's" style, borrowing from the boys, one of the hottest trends is happening in the men's department. lilliana vasquez, style expert. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> what is the benefit shopping in the boys to men's department versus going to lady.

>> simply put, you can save a lot of money. high-end designers coming down with masculine pieces but they come with a high price tag. if you shop the men's department, you can get them for a lower price. i was shopping at a thrift shop and bought a blazer. i noticed on the tag it was a men's garment. wherever there's a good style i'm there.

>> sizing, you have to be careful with measurements.

>> if you're shopping online , check against your measurements. make sure you're cross-checking. in doubt, size down. men's cuts more generous. you don't want to look like you're wearing a size too big. you want boyfriend/slouchy look.

>> bring out the models. jamie, she is wearing men's shoes.

>> these are riviera. i found these because my husband had them. they are so cute. they are go down to 37, a size 7. they are $70, kind of the it show for the summer, combination of espadrille and slip-on. i like it with the jean, button down shirt and the hat, so sexy.

>> perfect fourth of july look.

>>> next, susannah with one of the most classic accessories, a bowtie.

>> it's probably the trickyest item to wear. look for a bowtie in a feminine color, fun, flirty pattern. this is a polka dot pattern, which i think is so cute. the key to pull off bowtie, you want to pair with feminine pieces, things like a lace blouse, flirty skirt. you could do this look with a sexy high heel , i paired it with flats because i think tassel's loafers with the girl meets boy trend.

>> next from accessories onto the clothing now. erica, you will not believe this. she's actually wearing a pair of men's shorts.

>> yes. these are men's short. we love chubby shorts for two reasons. one, they are the most comfortable pair of shorts you'll ever own, elastic pants, covered by the sweater. i love the color. neon. the fit, slouchy, relaxed pair with relaxed off the shoulder sweater and look for feminine accessories, color block clutch. how sexy are the shoes, $49.99 from boyfriend approved looks.

>> i love the shorts have an elastic waist. keep eating.

>> great for a picnic.

>> erica, good job. thank you. then finally, one of the great menswear looks, the blazer. this looks like matt's plaid jackets.

>> does he have one of these?

>> he did. he wore it one day.

>> a great piece on men or women. this is from brooks brothers boys department. that's one of my biggest budget tips looks for blazers in the boys department. can go up to size 18 boys which fits a woman's size 8. this is the kind of dress you can wear all summer long to totally different occasions, shopping on the weekend with your girlfriends to a formal wedding at night. glam accessories. a studded bag from bakers. her shoes adorable, $23.99 from kohl's.

>> great job. they look fantastic.

>> ladies, come back out for one last look.

>> well done. i'm going to have to start shopping my