TODAY   |  June 29, 2012

Best diets for revving up your metabolism

Have you reached a weight-loss plateau? TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares the results of a recent study that tested which diets had the most favorable effects on metabolism to help you get back in shape fast.

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>> all right, al. thanks. this morning on eat smart today, which diet gets your metabolism in gear. new studies released, measure the impact of three popular diets to determine which work best in burning weight and keeping pounds off. joey bower alauer.

>> this is exciting, the mar 5 of the health world. researchers answer add burping question every health expert and dieters have always had, which eating style will boost your metabolism the most.

>> help you keep it off.

>> the big issue is as you lose weight your metabolism decreases. it's unfair but natural physiology. if we can keep it stoked.

>> three diets, low fat , low glycemic.

>> low fass, 60% carbohydrate, fat and protein 20%. as you can see, the majority of your calories coming from carbohydrates. it's important to keep in mind during this study, healthy food. not junky, but fruits and vegetables and oatmeal and whole wheat bread .

>> how did the low fat do?

>> didn't fare well, triglyceride elevated, sugar and insulin not great. not the kind of diet to follow to keep the weight off.

>> you might lose weight but harder to keep off?

>> exactly.

>> low fat . lots of people like this diet because it means bacon.

>> for me, cheese. this is a classic atkins diet . you can see it's very restrictive on carbs. that's 10%. 60% and 30% divided between protein and fat. it's difficult to stay on. for meat lovers they love it. the interesting part of this diet, it stoked metabolism the most. people were burning about 300 calories more each and every day because it's hard to break down protein and fat. so that's the good news. it also elevated the good cholesterol and lowered triglycerides. all good.

>> does that make it the best diet?

>> no, increased stre stress hormone called cortisol and inflammation. some pros but not the winner.

>> low glycemic.

>> we need a drum roll . it means, it's the diet that does not elevate your blood sugar . it's all things in moderation. a moderate amount of carbs, protein, fat. you see the breakdown, like perfect.

>> everyone getting the idea we like the low glycemic.

>> the key is we don't restrict carbs, but high-quality, high-fiber, don't increase blood sugar . beans, lent ills.

>> the best.

>> bumped not quite as much as the low carb , much we feel good about it. a shopping list for people who want low glchlt lycemic