TODAY   |  June 29, 2012

Flight attendant rants at complaining passengers

After a five-hour delay at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, American Eagle flight attendant Jose Serrano had enough of passenger complaints and launched into a tirade over the intercom. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> let's begin this half hour with a flight attendant who lost his cool after passengers started complaining about a long delay. it was all caught on tape. nbc's ron mott has details on this. ron , good morning to you.

>> hey, matt, good morning. if you've flown more than a couple of times, you start to tune out announcements flight attendants make. not on this flight. the flight attendant was trust traited, not because seat backs and tray tables with weren't in their upright and locked positions. american eagle flight 4607 from raleigh-durham, north carolina was grounded for five drama filled hours because of weather. the delay pushing the crew to its time limit for the day.

>> if you have [ bleep ] otherwise you're going to have to fly with jose.

>> passengers dave abels flying with his nine-year-old daughter caught the incident on video.

>> the more people spoke up, the more he was getting angry at us and crazy.

>> the line for takeoff was so long and tensions so high, the pilot eventually returned to the gate.

>> unfortunately our hands are tied. we cannot leave until that's obtained.

>> reporter: tempers reached a boiling point and cops showed up.

>> he doesn't care. that's what he got on the intercom and told everybody.

>> serrano and passengers were questioned by the police but no one was arrested.

>> the captain wasn't back here.

>> we're going to finish this discussion on the jet way.

>> the passengers from indie rock band several fellow travelers deserve some of the blame.

>> i think jose probably suffered the brunt of a lot of the frustration of the banks. i noticed at one point it seemed like he was tearing up. i could tell he was upset.

>> reporter: parent company american airlines said passengers were threatening and unhappy. but said it had been a long day for our customers on board as well as our crew. we do apologize. eventually the flight was canceled. nbc reached out to serrano for comment. american airlines spokesperson said the incident is under review, they do not discuss personnel matters. they sent an e-mail from a first class passengers who said passengers were verbally abused.

>> ron , thank you very much.