TODAY   |  June 29, 2012

Obama to tour wildfire-ravaged region

NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports from Colorado Springs, Colo., where President Obama is expected to tour the devastation left in the wake of intense wildfires.

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>>> we begin with the serious news, the deadly wildfire raging in colorado. nbc's miguel almaguer in colorado springs . miguel , good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, good morning. few details released about the fatality. police were looking for two missing people when they discovered the body. it is a deadly power of epic proportions . the fire has claimed at least one life and 346 homes. last thursday night, many families learned their homes are gone.

>> we're planning on rebuilding.

>> reporter: this couple lived in the neighborhood of mountain shadows for 12 years.

>> it's a huge empty feeling. you have intense pain.

>> reporter: with flames still on the move, crews are once again in the air.

>> you got one little smoker outside the retard line down here. you got eyes on that.

>> reporter: air force c-130 swept across colorado springs dropping fire retardant , dousing hot spots.

>> real nice drops there. real nice.

>> reporter: for hometown firefighters on the ground, shifts are 24 hours long. many don't know if their own homes are standing.

>> it's been difficult. my wife had to evacuate on her own.

>> reporter: this morning more than 20,000 are still evacuated. but for those whose homes are no longer in the top of the fire, their first chance to go home.

>> my heart is beating.

>> reporter: the lucky ones in a community of homes ravaged by fire and now death. police have not yet elaborated about their search for that second missing person . as for this fire, it's consumed more than 18,000 acres. it is roughly 15% contained. later on today the president is expected to tour the damage. matt.

>> all right. miguel almaguer in colorado springs this morning. miguel ,