TODAY   |  June 26, 2012

Who pays for Kate’s $56,000 wardrobe?

Prince William’s wife keeps her style up to date with a little help from father-in-law Prince Charles, whose public budget funds the duchess’ stylish $56,000 wardrobe. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> the duchess of cambridge has become a fashion icon worldwide known for making frugal choices when it comes to her word robbery. now look at how much eye catching outfits cost. michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with more. good morning.

>> ahead of royal financial information released public, the british press released estimates of how much kate 's gorgeous clothes have been costing. but more surprisingly, who has been paying for them. from day one, a delicate line between commoner and future queen shopping in regular stores, bargains, using discount cards. her dress cost $80. she got this secondhand even borrowed one for mom. studded with big events, this one, this one, this, too, each worth more than $ 1500 . these shoes $800. pretty in pink came at a price of around $10,000. kate did interestingly wear it twice in less than two weeks. the top british fashion house , alexander mcqueen . who is paying for it? not kate or will but prince charles . nice of kate to teach him to iron earlier this year but he's funding her sartorial career. detailed expenses being made public this week made their own calculations that kate 's clothes for this year alone came up to around $56,000. is it really possible?

>> princess diana in her official duties in the first year of her official time as a princess would have spent even more money. i actually think kate has been quite frugal. though it sounds like an awful lot of money, in terms of what she's got to do, it's not.

>> reporter: but kate is not exactly at the top of the royal pecking order . there she is courtesying to priscilla. the queen made changes to royal order . she outranks sophie but not so-called princesses of the blood, they of the creative hats. unless with william, kate would precede them, which would all change down the road, of course, when kate becomes queen. royal experts say kate refuses to take freebies from designers and insists on paying what everybody else has to pay and declined the palace's offer to provide her with a stylist or dresser. looks like she doesn't need much