TODAY   |  June 21, 2012

Summer toys to enjoy indoors or outside

Keeping your kids entertained throughout the summer can be a tough task, but blogger Meredith Sinclair has fun toys that will have your kids occupied in all kinds of weather.

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>>> this morning on "today's moms," we have some great ideas to keep your kids from screaming on board.

>> i bet most of us have already heard it once.

>> first up, the spooner. not good in heels but i'm going to attempt it.

>> this is a balance board . it's great for all levels. if you're a little kid, you can get on to balance or a big kid like us, you can get on to balance yourself. for kids who want to do board tricks, wheelies and 360s, it's a good way too do it without the wheels.

>> and for the younger set?

>> this is like your toddler's first wheels. they go from 1 to 3. it's called the scutter bug. it's classible. you c -- collapsable. it's great for little kids. the steering doesn't go far.

>> all kids love bubugs, right?

>> love bugs . they want to collect them. it was a huge hit at the new york fair. this is the ant eater bug vuc. you pull out this little case, a magnifying glass and when you're done, you can gently and lovingly put them back into nature.

>> go free, little bugs zip love this one.

>> so everybody loves the nerf blasters and nerf has kicked it up for outside. because we're staying outside longer. and this is all glow in the dark . this is their --

>> ooh, perfect aim.

>> they slide very far. and what's great is they're glow in the dark .

>> this is fun! my husband would love this, take this outside. i'm done with that one.

>> boys will love that.

>> all of here for all of you water balloon people, we love in the summertime, this is how you stay cool, you toss water balloons at people.

>> it's not summer without a water balloon .

>> this is a battle pump, you fill up your water balloon with water. you can take it anywhere.

>> much easier than doing the garden hose .

>> they have this cyclops launcher.

>> wow, we're getting high tech here.

>> who wants the water balloon ? we're going for it. go ahead.

>> really? ready? ooh, sorry!

>> clean up, aisle four. nice, you made a mess in our studios.

>> crayola is a name everyone loves. they've come up with colored bubbles . these are really intended for outdoors, you shouldn't use them inside. they do come off of your skin. you canlander that.

>> and then we have this, the huge bubble maker.

>> you can see it just continually pops out lots and lots of bubbles.

>> if you're staying indoors on a hot, scorching day like today, tell me about that.

>> what's great is there's 90 different little things in here for them to build. there's wheels and contraptions and wings.

>> it's creative. and back to your insects. you want to be see how they kind of evolve, this is a great thing to do. if you've never done the caterpillar to butterfly thing, this is great. it's a kid. they give you the larva and you put it in here and it turns into a butterfly.

>> we are out of time, meredith. it's all on our web site . meredith sinclair, thank you so much. coming up, doing some grilling on the barbecue.