TODAY   |  June 21, 2012

Steve Carell: If world ended, ‘I would eat so much’

The actor chats with TODAY’s Ann Curry about his newest movie, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” and reveals what it was like to film scenes with his real-life wife, as well as what he would do if he knew the world was about to end.

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>>> what would you do if you knew that the earth was about to be destroyed? that's what the new movie "seeking a friend for the end of the world " is about. bits two people who are able to face it with a sense of humor.

>> what are you doing with the rest of your life?

>> well, a little of this, a little of that. probably catching up on some me time, find god, maybe move around some chairs.

>> steve carell , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a movie about the end of the world does not sound like a light comedy. what attracted to you this movie?

>> you're right. it does not sound like a light -- that is what attracted me to it. it's a big metaphor for finding your life and trying to find joy.

>> one of the people is keeria knightley. her character is quirky and perky. your character is not.

>> i'm not a perky guy. i'm very muted, i'm guy who wear as ton of regret on his shoulders. with three weeks left, that's the time frame he has to find the meaning, to find the joy.

>> he's going to take his terrier, that's something he's going to take facing the end of the world . she joins her lp records . you have ever thought of what you would grab?

>> i would just grab food. i would eat so much crap. if i knew that we had just a couple weeks left -- of course then you start thinking is anything going to be open? i'd love to go to a great restaurant, have a wonderful meal. yeah, like they're going to stay there in order to serve me a wonderful meal.

>> practical.

>> i just want deep fried , i want pasta. i'm going to carbo load for doomsday.

>> smart.

>> no, it's dumb but what do you do? you're faced with that dilemma with, that question. have i i have no idea.

>> your real life wife plays the character of the woman who leaves you when she finds out the end of the world is coming and you actually film this part of the movie on your wedding anniversary ?

>> yeah. our 16th wedding anniversary .

>> what was that look?

>> i hope it wasn't foreboding in any sense. it the last scene we shot. it's the first scene in the movie. and she shoots me this look and i would love a freeze frame of it because it's scary as hell. and the director even said, wow, have you seen that in real life before? and i have and i hope never to again. no, she's great. it was fun. it was actually really fun because we got to work together.

>> may you never see that look good. meantime you gave the commencement address at princeton.

>> i did.

>> what did you tell them?

>> i told them -- it was just for fun. it was class day. it's a light er version of commencement, the day before commencement. in essence i said you are young and because of that you are wrong.

>> and with time you'll get right.

>> i got pretty much that same response when i did it. it was very tongue in cheek.

>> it's interesting because you wanted to go into med school , you wanted to become a lauwyelawyer. you found the ability to do not what you wanted to do, what you should do?

>> i was filling out a law school application and my parents said is this what you want to do? i couldn't answer the essay question of why do you want to be an attorney? i couldn't answer why. they said what would you like to do, what would you join? we made a list and acting was one of them and we went from there.

>> i'm glad you made the right choice. steve carell this