TODAY   |  June 20, 2012

East Coast braces for heat wave

As TODAY’s Al Roker reports, sizzling temperatures will heat up much of the East Coast, just in time for the official start of summer.

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>>> the near record temperatures. al upstairs to tep us how hot things will get.

>> good morning. also sounds better if you say the year 2000 .

>> turn of the century .

>> in any event, take a look, washington, d.c. , looking at national airport . we're expecting the temperature to tie a record of 99, maybe even get to 100 degrees today. why? we've got a much earlier than normal big bermuda high building in off the east coast . that's acting like a heat pump . it's an upper level ridge here in the east as well, so we've got heat, humidity start to build up. heat warnings and heat advisories in the district of column i don't, 100 to 108. d.c. to boston, new york city 95, 95 albany, boston 97. 98 to 99 degrees in d.c. , pittsburgh 91. this extends back to the west as well. detroit 95, chicago third day in a row of 90 plus readings. 94 in st. louis, memphis 94. and out west their heat continues as well. don't want to forget our friends there, palm springs , phoenix, tucson, everybody over 100 degrees with excessive heat watches and warnings in effect. the bad news is overnight lows will only drop down into the upper 70s, low 80s. that means it bounces up even higher tomorrow. we don't get a break until friday. ann.

>> al, thank you so much.