TODAY   |  June 19, 2012

Add elegance to outdoor dining

TODAY contributor Susanna Salk shares her best hostess tips to help you trade in the paper plates and plastic cups and bring some sophistication to your al fresco dinner party.

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>>> this morning on today's home, elegant outdoor dining. show you how to add a touch of class to your summer entertaining. susann susannah, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> what is your one rule of thumb creating an outdoor space for not a lot of money.

>> form and function. it should be stylish. there's no excuse anymore. used to be for the old days, perfect for the outdoors but yucky, blah. or very, very expensive and stylish. now guess what, there's tons of affordable options that could even be inside they look so glamorous. they are meant for outside. some could be either-or. everything here under $200. i can't believe it.

>> you really want to design that way, design for indoors.

>> think of it as an outdoor rug, even if you have a tiny terrace or luxury of having a big space. think of it as a room, accessorize it, have fun wit. make it an extension of your house and style.

>> the rug.

>> look at this color. this is an outdoor rug. i cannot believe the sophistication of these colors, normally you think blue and white , green and white, get away from that and do a little surprise. this could be in your bedroom.

>> this can take the wear and tear, last throughout the rainy seasons.

>> you know what, if you live on the east coast and starts to get intense out, bring it inside. but everything here is so affordable. if you've had it for two seasons.

>> this great bench. where did you find this?

>> this is home goods. you and i were talking about teak.

>> looks so expensive.

>> look at the details. this could be outdoors, in your entry hall, a great sophistication.

>> accessorized with these outdoor pillows.

>> restoration hardware, super stylish. these could be indoors often your sofa.

>> i love this pop of color.

>> i have this in my home indoors. how great for extra seating on the side of the sofa. have fun wit. it doesn't have to be the boring wicker option. recycled, powder coated, perfect for the outdoors. love love love .

>> sturdy, too.

>> absolutely.

>> speaking of sturdy, we have a great area you've created. smaller perhaps outdoor patio.

>> first, this rug. i love it. this very jazzy zebra pattern . i love it. it's rare to find an outdoor rug circular. great for a circular table. this from pier one. so fabulous. actually folding. we were folding it before.

>> these chair.

>> so substantial.

>> usually with folding, rickety. i love the elegance of this. look at this pattern. if you only have a small porch outside, look how great this would be.

>> i like how it's painted.

>> all unbreakable. look at this melamine.

>> not going to break.

>> not going to break.

>> look at this, looks like flatwater.

>> love this bamboo flatwater. i love these, use them for indoor dinner parties. fun.

>> napkins.

>> go with cloth, don't go with paper and paper plates. make it elegant. so much better for environment. can you reuse it.

>> outdoor lighting .

>> i think a lot of people don't think you can put something like a chandelier outside.

>> create a mood. this is all weather wicker. this could be over your dining room table. yet how great for the patio to hang and have instant mood.

>> storage outside.

>> i love again. a lot of times we have a lot of people over. what do you do about extra seating. crate & barrel . beanbag chair . how great to have a bunch around a fire pit .

>> great for kids.

>> fabulous for kids. i love this. so unexpected in black and white .

>> finally from pottery barn . you know how outside we need to put all our trash or towels look. at this. super sophisticated this bin. what a great way to hide stuff and store stuff.

>> beautiful. beautiful settings here. want to take it outside and put it at my home. thanks so much. great job.